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Star Trek (2009)
Short plot summary

That's Star Trek from the earth year 2009, not the 2009th episode, although it must be pretty near that by now.

This re-beginning of the franchise goes back to see Kirk (now played superbly by Chris Pine) grow up to become Captain. A truly enjoyable movie without the baggy pseudo intelligence of the earlier Enterprise movies. Mr Spock is played to perfection by Zachary Quinto, as is Dr Leonard 'Bones' McCoy by Karl Urban

What our panel of critics thought

"Impressive, fresh, lively, 'cocky' script, with Kirk the upstart before he matured into the leader of men admired by management consultants since."

"Leonard Nimoy continues to milk the Spock character after years in which he seemed to hate it. Is this a lesson in contract renegotiation us lesser pointy eared mortals should learn?"

"How could Chris Pine keep a straight face while doing that love scene with the green woman? OK, I've just seen the out takes. He didn't."

"What would they have done without Zachary Quinto to play Spock? You can just imagine the producers of Star Trek 2009 sitting down watching whatever season of 24 he was in and getting that eureka moment. Quinto was born to play Spock."

"Kudos for those behind the internet campaign to get a small green midget character as Scotty's sidekick. Now can we please have an internet campaign to get him out of the sequel. THANK YOU."

"If you have ever wanted to know how they get that falling though the air effect, look at the extras on the DVD for this movie. Yes, folks, the cheating overpaid bastards get the actor to stand on a large mirror and get a wind machine blowing. The cameraman just sits above the head of the actor and then films him from above. It looks great for a fraction of the cost of throwing an actor and a film crew out of an airplane. Movie accountants take notes."

"This movie has everything but a song to sing in the shower."

Please tell me the ending or plot overview if necessary

The ending is, of course, near to the beginning of what would turn out to be one of the most popular science fiction television and movie franchises of the next fifty years, after a very very very shaky start. There is a likelihood there will now be a whole series of the new prequel Star Treks to look forward to - Hooray!

Even if, like me, you can't watch the original Star Trek now, (low budget Sixties in space) you will love this fresh reinvigoration of a well thumbed format. Very much looking forward to the next movie in this series and the inevitable appearance of William Shatner somewhere.

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

He had me from his first aaarrggh! I am, of course, referring to multimedia legend Captain Kirk as he, as a little nipper, popped out of his mother's uterus on queue at the beginning of this movie, and hencely starts a television and movie franchise that would make the pop science fiction genre one of the most profitable of our lives.

Who could possibly have envisioned, as the original CK (not the underpants maker) fought fat green monsters in slow motion, neighed like a horse when under the influence of some nasty aliens or was overcome by fluffy cushions on the Enterprise, that forty years later we would have forgotten about all that embarrassing shit and are now enamored by his longevity, even though now metamorphosed into the impressive twentysomething actor Chris Pine.

If I am grasping for a criticism it is that it is too flashy in the lights flashing on the screen sense. Have they just discovered some CGI ability to add light-blur-pulses on the screen? It makes it look like I am looking at the movie with the light glinting off my spectacles but without me looking at it through my spectacles. A vision paradox I am sure a Star Trek episode, of many of their versions, has countenanced and solved since in their 40 minute remit.

The most shocking appearance in this movie was that of Leonard Nimoy, playing old Spock. Author of the book 'I am not Spock' in the 1970s, it looked as if the logical half vulcan half human playing actor hated the role. Thankfully he has since reconsidered and adds an old crinkly presumably well paid earthiness to the otherwise bright shiny smiley thing that it is.

Other comments

Star Trek lives again and it's great.

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