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Rob Reiner's Stand By Me
Short plot summary

One of those cool movies that everyone remembers... You must remember 'that summer' when you and a group of friends did something like this together... . A great 1950's soundtrack with it too.

Four twelve year olds (Gordie Lachance (played by Wil Wheaton), Chris Chambers (River Phoenix), Teddy Duchamp (Corey Feldman) and Vern Tessio (Jerry O'Connell)) go on an adventure in mid summer, to look for a dead body - (Ray Browers)...

Please spoil this movie for me by telling me all the good bits and then the ending.

A group of older boys have a run-in with our heroes, led by Keifer Sutherland ('a cheap dime store hood') in psycho mode as Ace Merrill.

But our heroes find the body before the older boys and claim it as theirs. The two day adventure ends without a rain cloud in sight and with nobody dying, although that is a close call.

Quotable quotes

"We had only been gone two days, but somehow the town seemed different, smaller..."

"I never had any friends later on like the ones when I was twelve."

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

One of those quintessential youth movies that once seen is never forgotten. A triumph of being young and doing wondrously dangerous things, not realizing the true extent of your actions; Of those unrecognized psychological disorders in our closest circles, and in ourselves (with all the black and white flash back potential that such an idea implies).

A triumph of a soundtrack and a dusty sun-bathed journey is peppered with just enough danger to thrill, but not over-torture us. Miss this movie at your peril.

Other comments
A real pop classic boy film. It will trigger memories of times passed... Don't miss.
Date of review
December 10 , 2002
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