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South Park: Bigger longer and uncut
Short plot summary

Our heroes trick their way into R rated movie starring Terence and Philip, two Canadians, they end up swearing like T&P. Their parents form an action group to arrest and kill T&P.

What our panel of critics thought

"This movie will be the benchmark for all TV to movie movies for the foreseeable future. Genuinely funny. Had me singing the f-words with glee."


"I never watch the TV show as I have never gotten into it, but this movie was simply fantastic."

"Not a movie to watch if you are easily offended."

"Not one for Granny, unless she is hard of hearing."

Please tell me the ending

The USA declares war against Canada after Canada bombs the Baldwin's.

Satan and his lover, Saddam Hussain, have a falling out, but get back together again. Once the war begins the parents realize what they have done. Kenny (who earlier lit a fart and died) gives himself back to Satan so that the war can end. Satan goes back home on his own.

Stanley, Eric, Kyle live on.

Other comments

A stunningly superbly offensive movie.

Date of review

November 4 , 2002

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