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The Sound of Music
Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

Julie Andrews is a goddess of a governess, in this uplifting tale of World War Two almost-treachery, love and singing without falling off bicycles.

Oh my, a truly excellent movie of Austrian warbling, without, thankfully, the leg and foot slapping that sentence normally implies. I'm only kidding of course, Austria has both McDonalds and electricity today, I am told, and those Nazi's have been banished to the less publicized of political parties.

A small criticism would be that it stereotypes nuns somewhat. I have met more than three nuns in my time and they are really quite witty and cheeky in the main, not like the stuffy, stuck up ones we see in this production. Perfect!

Quotable quotes (translated)

"Climb every mountain.... till you find your dream."

Please tell me the ending or plot overview if necessary

Maria (Julie Andrews) is an unsuccessful Nun who is encouraged to find a job outside of the Nunnery.

She becomes a governess to the von Trapp family; beloved, after a sticky start.

Captain von Trapp is set to marry, but Maria loves him. The children ensure their 'coming together', which leads to marriage (in Maria's old convent church).

They break into song on a number of occasions throughout the movie (including on bicycles), and so enter a contest.

To avoid the Nazi's, and escape into Switzerland, they sneak out before the end of the concert they have just won for singing.

They all live happily ever after following a long walk.

Other comments

A must see movie. A nice family film with uplifting songs and good performances all round. Julie Andrews is perfect.

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