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The return of the ill fated cult sci-fi western 'Firefly' on the big screen. Fans of the television series finally find out who Zoe (Gina Torres) is and why the Federation have been hunting her for so long...

What our panel of critics thought

"Swearing in Chinese is neither clever or grown up."

"A triumph of sumptuous futuristic sub-f-worded gritty language."

"Almost Shakespearean in its use of language, a triumph."

"A modern classic."

"Am I the only one who saw the cancelled TV show before watching this movie?"

"A sci-fi western? Sounds awful. Isn't. Brilliant it is."

"Apparently this movie only broke even at the cinema. It has enjoyed healthy DVD sales since and there is talk of another movie. Hope it happens."

Justify this movie's existence in the classic strand. From theVoiceof's Veritable Cornucopia

How can such an intelligently different television show be pulled so soon into its first season, and yet Friends spin-off, Joey, gets a second series? Oh, different networks, different decisions, I know, but it is annoying when something as good as this show gets pulled.

I have read somewhere that execs at Fox told the producers that there was nothing wrong with the show, it just did not fit in with the station's other programming. Indeed, there was nothing wrong with the show at all. It is also a tragedy that no other network picked the show up. The TV series has accurately been called 'probably the best series to ever be cancelled'.

Serenity can be enjoyed even if you have never seen any of the 13 or so TV shows. This movie is a stand alone effort which provides enough of a back story to keep the newbies happy.

After this movie you will be rushing out to watch the original show in all of its glory. Enjoy.

Other comments

Consider this movie up there with the original Star Wars and Blade Runner. This is a superb sci-fi movie filled with warmth, believable characters and exciting action. If you have never seen the television series Firefly it is also highly recommended.

Date of review

Nov 4, 2008

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