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Saturday Night Fever
Short plot summary

Tony Manero (John Travolta) works in a hardware store by day, but at nights and the weekends he is a God.

What our panel of critics thought

"Never have red flappy collared shirts been cooler..."

"Did he really wear those brown shoes with that red shirt?"

"I still dance like that today, and I can still clear the dance floor like Travolta too... kewl..."

"I live for 1970's night at the old peoples home!"

"The boy did good."

"The Bee Gees soundtrack gave a whole decade a reason to sing all high."

"Sort of like a light weight Rocky but without the Boxing."

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

This movie is highly regarded today as a benchmark of 1970's street DISCO culture. The beginning is instantly memorable with those hairy Bee Gees high-pitching their opening number. We watch as 19 year old Tony Manero walks down the street with his freshly jiggled pot of paint (I feel sure that is the correct phraseology), attempting to pick up the ladeees but to no avail. Wait until the night, though, and he will have no trouble impressing them then!

The musical numbers are superb, although this movie is not recommended for those with an aversion to red lighting. It's a tale well told of a young man whose heart is in the right place with a great talent.

Other comments

Perhaps a little less musical than you might remember, or would expect. However, when the Bee Gees music does start up it grabs you and pulls you in, superb.

Date of review

January 7, 2004

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