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Rear Window
Short plot summary

A man with his broken leg in plaster, watches a murder unfolding in an apartment over the courtyard.

What our panel of critics thought

"Grace Kelly is perfect, although why did they blur her close ups so?"

"All that tension and then the dog gets killed just after they close the drapes for the one and only time in the whole movie. Bad luck guys."

"Rarely has a small yappy type dog been murdered so violently in a Hollywood movie."

"If you look closely, the dead dog is actually a small piece of carpet cut out in the shape of a small yappy type dog with a cherry for its nose, otherwise the movie was sensational."

"I knew he dunit all along."

"Not a whodunnit, but rather a howdedoit? or perhaps a willhegedawaywidit? Brilliant!"

Please tell me the ending or plot details if necessary
James Stewart's character cannot run when the murderer realizes what he, and his friends, are up to and beats him up, breaking his other leg in the process.
Quotable quotes

About love: "When two people meet it's like wham, two taxi's hitting."

Girlfriend to Stewart's character: "Start from the beginning: Tell me what you saw and tell me exactly what it means."

Other comments
The dialogue is sensational and the movie is gripping.

Apparently the set was one of the most expensive and complicated of its time in Hollywood history.

Date of review

September 10 , 2002

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