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Quantum Of Solace
Short plot summary

After being betrayed in Casino Royale, James Bond (Daniel Craig), searches for the reason Vespa did what she did. His search opens up a larger, more complicated, conspiracy.

A spectacular action adventure. We argue that this is the best 007 ever. (Casino Royale 2006 was flawed by the poker game going on too long and how did Bond get to Miami so quickly?)

What our panel of critics thought

"Yes, it's true that it is difficult to see what is going on in the car chase at the beginning, but this is because everything is happening so quickly. It seems to have been filmed in adrenalinvision - it's like you are in the action rather than just watching it. A very impressive opening sequence to what turns out to be a superb 007 action adventure."

"Brilliant movie. The best James Bond ever. Modern movie making values, a good full on action movie. 10 out of 10."

"A British Bourne but in much better, sunnier, locations."

"Jason Bourne JB, James Bond JB, surely this is no coincidence?"

"Daniel Craig may look like 1970's British comedy legend Sid James but he can still pack a punch."

"Liked Casino Royale, but got bored with the card game. There is nothing in Quantum of Solace that is so obviously flawed. A magnificent achievement. The best Bond ever."

"Superb. James Bond has never looked grittier."

"A great movie and M (Judy Dench) gets shot too."

"Breathtaking stunts, glamorous locations, the finest gadgetry of the day. No pathetic comical Q. No character who would not look out of place in an Austin Powers movie. It's taken them 22 bloody movies to get it this good, let's hope the next one continues the trend."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary
Blond Bond ultimately finds the guy who controlled Vespa. Not all the loose ends are tied up - what about the large organization of which our villainous passenger spoke in the introduction? Is this the beginning of new Smersh? James Bond will return...
Other comments

Here is the dream: This is the start of a string of superb James Bond movies from now on. This is by far the best James Bond movie of the lot, including Casino Royale 2006. QoS is almost all action, the stunts are perfectly executed (how did they do the one where Bond and the guy fell through the glass ceiling? CGI perfection no doubt.)

Today everyone compares Craig's James Bond to the Bourne franchise. We can see the likeness, obviously. But fighting in movies had to change now we have all seen mixed martial arts (cage fighting/ufc) - in the old days movie fighting looked very pro wrestling. Thank heavens they avoid the bad guy falling to the ground after being punched in the shoulder - Austin Powers' Dad we thank you.

All James Bonds of the past were in our popcorn strand. This is the first in our general movies strand. Long may it continue.

Daniel Craig is superb. The special effects in this movie are breathtaking. All in all a superb action movie. Brilliant work.

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