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Pulp Fiction
Short plot summary

The business interests of Marcel Wallace investigated. Arguably one of the best films of the 20th century - should be easy to win any violent arguments as young muscle generally likes this film.

What our panel of critics thought

"A breathtaking literary ride of gangster discovery. From the first scene, to the last, a veritable treasure trove of literary time line misleads."

"Not one to watch with your grandmother."

"Not one to watch with your mother."

"This film rocks."

"This film sucks - how can you have an end at the beginning and the middle as an end?"

"This is the movie Europeans never thought America could do. Now they've done it once, it has wiped the smart ass smirk off their faces for good."

"A masterpiece of celluloidal mischief."

"A verbal car chase using English as the highway, characterization as the gasoline, and drugs as the air miles. Fan-dab-i-dozie!"

Please tell me the ending or plot overview if necessary

This question should really be 'please tell me the middle' as the stories intertwine and the real ending would be with Vincent (John Travolta) (now alone) being shot by Boxer Butch (Bruce Willis), who is then attacked by Wallace for killing his opponent in the ring (for a fight Butch was supposed to lose). The strands would logically then end after Butch escapes be-buggerment, saving Wallace. Butch then steals a chopper to take his wife away. (Final words: "Zed's dead.")

The actual ending is a continuation of a scene at the beginning of the film (here the word 'Garcon' is used as an early link telegraphing what is to come): a hold-up in a restaurant where Vincent and Jules (Jackson) (V/J) go to have breakfast. V/J foil the robbery and then presumably go their separate ways.

Other comments
A truly revolutionary script - we had never heard people talk like that before in a movie..
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