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Planet of the Apes (1967)
Short plot summary

Charlton Heston, astronaut from 20th century, ends up in world where apes can talk and rule over humans who cannot.

Satire of attitude role reversal.

One of the best endings of a film in history.

What our panel of critics thought

"Over two-third's of the world is water and they crash down unexpectedly two hours on foot from an ape colony. Realism?"

"Naturalistic style of acting, including stumbly pauses, make one wonder if the actor is going to forget his words. Then he does, almost!"

"The event movie of all event movies. Sheer brilliance."

"The apes' hairstyles and clothing standards are to blame for all of the 1970's fashions. Repent!"

"Planet of the Apes? I would much rather have watched Planet of the Dolphins, they are much more intelligent creatures by far."

"Lucky that the apes speak English."

"Heston must have been on some sort of aggression drug. Even when he is outnumbered 20 to 1 he still goes to fight someone. You've got to admire his keenness but it is not a good example to set to the youngsters. No wonder street crime rose 3000% in the next 40 years."

"These apes looks as if they have human actors inside, they are that good!"

Please tell me the ending or plot overview if necessary
It becomes clear, as the movie progresses, that apes dominate over humans due to a conspiracy, being continued by Doctor Zaius. Human history has been suppressed, apes are only taught the correct text.

The movie ends with Heston and a female companion escaping on horse back, after leaving an incident in which he takes Doctor Zaius hostage.

At the end of the movie, Taylor sees Statute of Liberty poking out with a cliff to the side... thus this is planet earth and he is home...

Do not be tempted to watch any of the subsequent movies they got progressively worse (4 sequels in all).

Other comments

Brilliant concept, skillfully executed.

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