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Omen 2: Damien
Short plot summary

In this second installment of the Omen trilogy, Damien (Jonathan Scott Taylor) discovers he is the devil.

Damien, and his cousin Mark, attend military academy and it becomes increasingly clear that there is something odd about Damien.

Powers that seem to be controlled by him kill anyone who discovers who he is, using favored tools of jackals pecking at the eyes, elevator accidents and train squashing.

What our panel of critics thought
"For a moment there I thought Damien regretted finding out he was old 666. Thankfully, after a short moment of tearful waterside reflection, he is soon back at it again."

"That is just so cool - to be able to win fights at school like that."

"Not nearly as nasty as it could have been - I still get flash backs of the sheet of glass through the neck in the first movie."

"That's what I call being rich: Getting a whole party of people to watch fireworks going off in the garden, by looking out of the window."

Please tell me the ending
An uncle (William Holden), who took Damien in after his brother was killed by Damien in part 1, finally comes round to the view that Damien is the antichrist. But his wife stabs him with knives at the end before she is burnt to death in a passing fire ball. Damien escapes without blinking.
Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

Every decade there comes along a series of movies that stick out in the popular consciousness. The Omen was one of them.

An eerie cornucopia of incident, peppered with moments of extreme horror and an uneasiness that one will take with you to bed and make you flip constantly lest you be mashed by those unseen forces from exactly the other direction to which you are facing.

Make sure you sleep with the windows closed after watching this movie, it is only inevitable a bird will accidentally fly in that night...

Quotable quotes (real)

"The whore of Babylon... From the book of Revelations: The 10 kings shall hate the whore and make her desolate and naked; shall eat her flesh and burn her with fire."...

Other comments

The second Omen of three, better than the third, but not as good as the first. Still, manages to scare the willies out of you for its sheer evilness at times. A joy.

Date of review

August 10, 2002

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