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Much Ado about Nothing
Short plot summary

On returning from battle, Don Pedro (Denzel Washington), brings his troops back to stay. One of the troops, Claudio (Robert Sean Leonard) falls for Hero (Kate Beckinsale), the daughter of Leonato (Richard Briers).

Scheming, lead by Don John (Keanu Reeves), tricks Claudio and Don Pedro into thinking Hero has been sleeping with another before her wedding. At the wedding Claudio confronts Hero and everything descends into an hysterical shouting and slapping match. Leonarto agrees to a scheme to tell everyone Hero has died, until the slander is lifted.

Benedick (Kenneth Branagh) and Beatrice (Emma Thompson) have fallen in love too, although they initially find it difficult to express this, preferring acerbic wit. They confess their love following this wedding catastrophe, but Beatrice demands Benedick to show his love for her by killing Claudio.

Benedick confronts Claudio, but by now 'police' have caught the culprits who are spreading the slander and they confess all (although Don John has fled).

What our panel of critics thought
"A triumph of lighting."

"Truly funny."

"Stunningly superb."

"A cornucopia of sunny wit, witty lighting and firm round bosoms."

"Always summer."



"Argh! A triumph of eating grapes upon the big screen! If they were not seedless then bravisimo, not a slurpy spit to expel the seeds in sight. The best grape eating movie of recent memory. (If they were seedless then ho hum.)"

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

I have an awful affliction in that I fall to sleep violently whenever I read Shakespeare. Watching it being performed is fine, which is just as well as I would deserve a good punch for missing such a peach of a movie!

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by complements and this movie has induced me into such a state: Is it possible to say, ney scream, the words, bravisimo-encore! louder than Concord (the plane) for as long as it takes to fly from London to New York? If it is, then that is what is required to celebrate this exquisite movie filled with warmth, humor and music.

Kenneth Branagh you are a wonder of super Shakespearean proportions.

Please tell me the ending or plot overview if necessary

At the supposed funeral of Hero, Claudio is aware of his error and goes to mourn. Leonarto says Hero has a niece and agrees for Claudio to marry her - he is not allowed to see her face before the marriage but when he eventually does, realizes it is Hero.

Benedick and Beatrice, too, get married.

Other comments
A comedy triumph!
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