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Men in Black
Short plot summary

A secret agency (funded by patents on everyday high tech gadgets such as Velcro) which is covering up the fact that Earth has been invaded by Aliens, go about their policing activities to get rid of an alien who has killed an ambassador and wants to take a Princess back to its world.

What our panel of critics thought

"An energetic catching-aliens-on-foot-using-luckily passing-busses-and-laundry-trucks of a movie. That nice Mr Will Smith is obviously well cast as a dude with the 'tude, although for a moment I thought this spunky fellow didn't have a girlfriend - thankfully this disability was resolved before the final credits ran."

"The special effects are wonderful. My favorite one was when he shot that guy in the head, but the head just took the impact and then grew back. A triumph of special effectitude!"

"There is no actor on this planet who can move from contented to exasperation in one facial move than Mr Rip Torn. Babe you are a true star."

"Mr Lee Jones, Tommy even, I have never seen a leading man eaten by a bug as you were in this movie. I do hope you have recovered sufficiently from that utter sliming you got for your trouble."

"A nightmare of slime, I bet you smelt like a sewer at the end of this motion picture boys! Ha ha. But it was well worth it if you ask me."

Please tell me the ending or plot overview if necessary

Alternative reality comedy fest starring Tommy Lee Jones (Agent Kay) and Will Smith (Agent Jay) as they fight the intergalactic aliens on earth.

A bug, who has assumed the body of a farmer, tries to capture Princess, who after saving the asses of our heroes, eventually becomes Agent Jay's partner.

Ending: Agent Kay has been training Jay as his replacement, he retires. Jay and new woman drive off into sunset in more fashionable clothing.

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

A cunning cornucopia, a special effectual melee, interspersed with wonderful gags of literally sidesplitting proportions. (Tommy Lee Jones benefits enormously from the side splitting of a bug into which he has been swallowed.)

A modern pop-classic with memorable moments spotted throughout the effort - you may never be able to sniff at the headlines on the front of the National Enquirer on a newsstand in the same way again.

You certainly will have second thoughts on squashing that annoying bug with the gusto you previously thought was forgivable on the Karmic scale of things.

Quotable quotes (real)

"You insensitive bastard. Do you have any idea how much that stings?"

"Elvis is not dead he just went home."

Other comments

Great popcorn.

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