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Meet The Fockers
Short plot summary

A guy named by his parents 'Gaylord' (Ben Stiller) is to marry Pam (Teri Polo). They have already met her parents (in the movie Meet the Parents), now it's time to meet his folks. Yes, it's time to meet the Fockers... Hilarity (mostly) ensues.

What our panel of critics thought

"Barbra Streisand is the first woman to play Mother Focker in mainstream cinema. No wonder she held out for more money."

"Focking hell, this movie made be laugh!"

"Fock me this movie is good!"

"So, let me get this straight, we can write fock, focker and mother focker, and little focker, and big focker, and stupid focker, and fat focker and it's all PG ? I fockin love it!"

"As I understand it, the MPAA made the producers of this movie find a real family with the surname Focker to allow them to use it like this."

"I feel silly now that I was ever scared of Robert De Niro. He's just a big little softy, isn't he?"

"The Granddad-isation of Robert De Niro is now complete. He will never be able to play any character of substance again. I do hope he brings out a range of cardigans."

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

Oh! Meet the Parents! Hated it! Just despised it. It's a one (very good) joke movie. (The very good joke by the way is the set up to and the execution of the bit when the cat knocks over the urn. Hilarious.) It also got slushy at times too. Ugh.

Meet The Fockers is much better. This movie is, in the main, in the classic strand because of two words, Barbra Streisand - she is one of the greatest, warmest, comedy actors in movie history - the camera just loves her. Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman is a movie marriage made in heaven.

The moments of note include: talk of squeezing of lemons, the fake feeding breast (with De Niro), the foreskin in the picture album, the football match, the baby saying 'asshole'.

The thing that stops a wholehearted recommendation is the Gaylord-has-a-child storyline and the bit when Stiller's character addresses his relatives while drugged - this goes on far too long and is excruciating.

Quotable quotes (real)
"Give me some love."
"I didn't raise you to be a so so lover."
"You're so cute they'd forgive you anything."
"He was squeezing all afternoon."
Other comments

Not perfect by any means, however this is at times a peach of a movie thanks to its perfect casting and some truly, gaspingly, hilarious moments.

Date of Review

May 7th, 2008

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