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Le Placard - The Closet
Short plot summary

François Pignon (Daniel Auteuil) is a dull guy/accountant about to be fired. A new gay neighbor persuades him to take part in a scheme to keep his job - he is to pretend that he is gay.

Pictures are manipulated with François slapping a bare botty. They are sent into work. He is not fired, in fact he is promoted in the ensuing hilarity...

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

Rugby playing nonpolitically correct brute Félix Santini (Gérard Depardieu) is told (as a joke) by his colleagues that he must reform his ways. Félix is told to befriend recently outed but not gay François. Félix is told his job is on the line and management don't like nonpolitically correct employees. Félix gives it his best shot, but, when he buys a pink jumper as a birthday present for François, his wife sees the store receipt and demands an explanation. She leaves him after following him to François's door with a bag of chocolates (François has been beaten up in a homophobic attack from two rugby players at work).

Félix has a nervous breakdown (just after he has asked François to live with him). François becomes a hero when he agrees to sit on the company's float in a gay carnival (he works for a condom manufacturer). François' son, who previously thought he was too dull, sees it and befriends him. Even his divorced wife wants to meet to have lunch with him. A female colleague at work sees through the charade and has an affair with him. Everything ends happily ever after.

What our panel of critics thought

"A light hearted European farce on political correctness. Auteuil and Depardieu are perfectly cast."

"Depardieu plays the dumb homophobic comic lump to great effect. Bravo!"

"The moment the boss puts the condom hat on François is simply the funniest thing I have seen all year. The next time I put on a condom I was inconsolable with mirth for hours afterwards, I haven't had safe sex for over six months."

"I am gay and so is my wife. We ate marshmallows while we watched. I have never choked so much in all of my life. A triumph of comedic entertainment."

"One of the most uncomfortable dinners in movie history. Depardieu serves up a comedy delight on each plate!"

Quotable quotes (real)

Secretary (just after receiving the gay photos in the mail): "I always knew it! It's the way he looks at you! Like a pigeon!" Chief Accountant: "Are all pigeons gay?"

"They call you gay because you hate gays. Hang out with one to prove you are not gay!"

Boss to Chief Accountant, offering consolation after Pignon has accused her of sexual harassment: "Tons of men in this establishment would love to be harassed by you!"

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

It is quite a shock to see that this movie is certificated as an R in the USA, and a 15 in the UK, when in Europe it is rated lowly: according to, in France this movie was given a U, Spain a 7. There is a brief, funny, moment in which we see sex on a production line, but there's no machine gun based murder anywhere...

A truly hilarious, well directioned, satire on political correctness. The laughs are all pretty much slapstick in nature. This movie is a delight from start to finish and there are few down moments, despite a gay bash and office based politics.

The sun shines throughout. Truly entertaining. This is a feel good French movie.

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