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Lawrence of Arabia
Short plot summary

Lawrence leads the Arabs to victory in Damascus.

What our panel of critics thought

"The camels are surprisingly wobbly when viewed from behind."

"From that opening music you know you are about to witness something special. However, this is a long long long long movie..."

"The first half is wonderful then it gets a bit dreary. Still, lovely weather for it."

"The longest walk into shot in movie history? Bravo! Nobody puts one foot in front of the other like Omar Sharif."

"I hear that camels are very rude and spitty - how well behaved the camels were in this movie, were they on drugs?

"A wonderful drunken-afternoon dozing picture."

"It's pure unadulterated sunshine in this movie."

"That extra 35 minutes they rediscovered for the director's cut is worth every penny."

"The enormity of the desert is what I was amazed by. That and the amount of ice cream I was able to eat at intermission. "

"There are no women in this movie, is this significant?"

"If I see me another wobbling camels butt it will be too soon."

"Peter O'Toole is perfectly cast as an English educated toff whose head has been muzzled by too much midday sun."

"I saw this film on television once and they scanned it for the small screen all wrong. I can't ever remember seeing Lawrence himself until the second half - lots of sand and sky though. Beautiful."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

T.E. Lawrence is a maladjusted officer sent to Arabia.

When he gets there, his single mindedness impresses the locals, but makes the British suspect.

Lawrence, after gaining their trust, leads the Arabs to victory in Damascus and is subsequently seen as a hero.

He dies in a motorcycle crash in England.

Other comments

The first half is excellent (the opening music is superb) then it slows towards the end.

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