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Short plot summary

Kevin Spacey plays Prot, a man who claims to have come from planet K-Pax. Jeff Bridges is Dr Mark Powell, a psychiatrist, who tries to find out if Prot is telling the truth or not.

There is much evidence which points to Prot's story being true: A sensitivity to ultraviolet light, knowledge of a little known constellation which he knows the orbits of, various methods of heeling patients in the asylum, a conversation with a dog... He apparently goes missing from incarceration for three days at one point...

What our panel of critics thought

"I just don't believe in hypnosis, I want my money back. Powell didn't even get Prot to do a chicken impression and all, a missed opportunity for mirth."

"I was sitting next to a woman in the cinema who was brought out of a deep sleep by Jeff Bridges in this movie."

"I would pay good money for a Jeff Bridges self-hypnosis tape."

"So, that's what a knocker is."

"A moment of flashback hell, thankfully only in brown and white."

"Why is a soap bubble round? So I look like a human? Prot, you're making a calm God fearing Republican want to go get his gun when you talk like that son."

Please tell me the ending

Powell traces Prot's story and discovers that he is (could be using the body of) a Robert Porter who killed a man, wife and child in New Mexico, Santa Rosa, five years ago...

However, when it comes for Prot to 'go home' a light source does indeed appear at the predicted time, however Prot's body remains, albeit apparently changed (something ...Spirit?... removed?). Bess, one of the asylum buddies, disappears after the Prot deadline passes, has she been taken to K-Pax?

Prot's body remains. He is last seen being wheelchaired about, his asylum audience sure he has gone back to K-Pax.

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

Kevin Spacey continues to deliver performances of the finest truffle like caliber, from the choicest, juiciest, firmest scripts available. Not bad for a crumpled forty something still working in Hollywood these days.

I can not remember a movie this year which gripped me so.

The whole movie is a fine journey with an ending about as good as you could get on the budget.

Quotable quotes (real)

"He looks like Data."

"Now if you'll excuse me I have a beam of light to catch."

Star quote: Prot: "The reproductive process is quite unpleasant." Powell: "Could you explain it to me using something I would understand like a tooth ache?" Prot:" It's more like having your nuts in a vice but we can feel it all over...and what is worse the sensation is associated with something like your nausea accompanied by a very bad smell. The moment of climax is like being kicked in the stomach, and then falling in a pool of Mot droppings."

Other comments

A sunglasses wearing jewel amidst the teen-chaff at this point of movie history. Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey are both superb.

Date of review

October 7 , 2002

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