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Jesus Christ Superstar
Short plot summary

Jesus of Nazareth (Glenn Carter) is the Messiah, surrounded by a group of apostles who appear determined to use Jesus' teachings to fight occupying Rome, thus missing the point of his teachings of peace.

An angst ridden Judas Iscariot (Jérôme Pradon) tells Jesus his movement is out of control and that they have gone down the wrong route to get the Jesus message of love across... there's only one way to stop it...

What our panel of critics thought

"Whilst this movie was probably made with people the same age as in the 1970's classic, without any hippy garb they look much younger and fitter in vests."

"The problem with the 1973 original version was that it was difficult to tell which one was Jesus. They all looked like hippies with long hair and beards. This time there is no danger: Jesus is the one not wearing the muscle vest."

"Jesus without a beard? It's a biblical disgrace, God damn them all!"

"A colorful effort."

"Lots of nice musical moments, without the slow bit in the middle of the 1973 original."

Please tell me the ending

Jesus is crucified etc etc...

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

Is it possible to make a more defiantly Rent-a-boy looking Jesus musical effort? I beg to think not!

The music is well known and the piece benefits from modern production techniques.

This version is much less dusty than the original movie effort, and will have the youngsters all excited by the youthful vigor and dancing that envelopes this production. If this movie does not make you want to jump up out of your seat and dance then no biblical musical effort ever will, rest assured.

Both angst ridden and, yet, joyfully exuberant, and, yet, murderously sinister in places, the lighting never lets it down.

Quotable quotes (real)

"I just don't know how to love him."

"What's the buzz?"

Other comments

A pleasant enough musical.

Date of review

August 17 , 2003

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