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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Short plot summary

Big budget, action packed, light hearted, familiar fest, partnering screen legends Sean Connery with Harrison Ford. In this movie we discover that Indiana was the dog's name, why Indiana (Junior) doesn't like snakes and how he got that scar.

This time our hero is forced to go on a quest for the Holy Grail after his father, Professor Jones (Connery), is captured by the Nazis.

Indie is befriended by a beautiful Nazi sent to entertain him so that those nasty Nazi's can get their grubby paws on the diary in which Professor Jones has written all of the details discovered in his lifetime's search for the Holy Grail... Then the runnin', bikin' and the killin' starts...

What our panel of critics thought

"I do love an action packed movie which utilizes that old money saving red-line-across-the-map movie technique symbolizing travel. It wafts me back to me childhood, for sure! That it saves the studio a packet of dough is simply a brilliant money saving accountancy move. Sublime joy! Bravisimo!"

"Never have I seen so many hats in all my life! Today's big screen heroes just can't wear hats like that."

"Does everyone in this movie wear a hat? "

"A load of old tosh, apart from that revolving stone door tosh which made up for a lot."

Please tell me the ending, or the whole plot if necessary

Only the righteous can find and drink holy water from the Grail, so all the unrighteous die in explosive-screamy special effects bedlam.

During this melee, Professor Jones is shot, and only holy water from the Grail itself can save him!

He is saved.

Everyone rides into the sunset happily ever after, apart from those annoying Nazi's and their sneering sycophantic sidekicks.

Quotable quotes (real)

"Are you crazy? Don't go between them!"

"He had no ticket!"

"If you are Scottish Lord then I am Mickey Mouse."

(Tag line) "Have the adventure of your lifetime keeping up with the Jones's."

Other comments

A visually spectacular, but never more than one and a half dimensional.

The movie is colorful, but doesn't really have much of a heart, despite its good intentions. It never attempts to be anything other than comic book in styling.

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