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Good Will Hunting
Short plot summary

Matt Damon plays mathematics genius with attitude. Robin Williams, his analyst, comes to the rescue. Oscar winning screen play.

What our panel of critics thought

"So, I took my non recurring string theory droplet thingie and put it in my equation, like, there, and then I added in a constant, there, dropped in a Boyles Law squared to power 53, there, and I got ? Have you any idea? I haven't? Sorry sir, it's about that time the dog took over."

"String theory is as broad as it is long."

"There are more f-words in this movie than in the Exorcist. Thankfully there is not as much projectile vomit."

"Robin Williams has aged to perfection. No nano nano's anywhere in this outing - thank goodness he outgrew all that, although we are still not 100% sure he doesn't still sleep upside down or get his wisdom from that man of mystery, Orson. Still, nevertheless I'm a fan as long as he continues NOT wearing those all in one suits of which he used to be so fond."

"I cried and cried and cried. Then I stopped, took a shower, fixed a snack and then cried until all my excess water was expunged from my body. I lost 28 pounds in one night and my ankles are now half the size before I saw this movie. I recommend it to weight watchers everywhere."

"Robin Williams is the king of therapists. If Kelsey Grammar ever retires he should take over in Fraiser."

Please tell me the ending or plot overview if necessary

Mathematics genius Will Hunting has past life baggage to handle, he starts out in the movie hanging out with underachiever friends.

He has a job as a janitor at a university where he solves equations put out for students to solve.

He is incarcerated for assaulting a police officer but is let out on bail by Professor Lambeau who had noticed his genius. The terms of bail state he must see a therapist.

After three gloriously failed attempts to break through to Will, a character played by Robin Williams (Sean) comes along. He breaks through to Will in eventually very emotional therapy sessions, in which Sean's character too is changed.

During counseling Will falls in love with Skylar a rich intelligent young thing. She moves university to LA and asks Will to come with her. He initially says no.

Movie ends: Will riding off into the sunset to live with her. Lives of Will and Sean changed forever.

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

A veritable cornucopia of mathematical excellence interspersed with past life recollections of the abusey-kind. The performances remind one of how one would have reacted, all those years ago in ones street fighting youth, to a kindly soul of the Mr Williams type, coming along to cool ones young punk head with such wisdom one never realized actually existed in this firmament, as if life is being translated into English for the first time after a lifetime of book-study, and the world that emerges is truly impressive in a well stocked Supermarket kind of way.

Failing that just look at Matt Damon's pecs, a triumph of young flesh on the big screen.

Other comments

A magnificent movie. Truly deserving of its Oscar for original screenplay.

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