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The Godfather Part 3
Short plot summary

Study of one time hood, Michael Corleone, doomed, by deeds of the past, to die all sprawled on the floor.

What our panel of critics thought

"In the first scene between Kay and Michael - when she stood holding the door handle for a good two minutes - in real life someone would have run into the room sending her flying through the air into a heap on the floor. Is Coppola playing for laughs or not?"

"Was George Hamilton ill when he made this film? I've never seen him look less tanned."

"Michael Corleone becomes respectable at long last. What a relief - I can safely go back to my regular toilet pattern after 14 long years."

"'Do I look like a guy who's going to lose?' - Well done Mr Garcia, a triumph of a line delivered like a true winner." Winners Today.

"Well done Vincent Mancinni for that wonderful ear biting scene. Almost a premonition of that great moment in boxing when Mr Tyson had a nibble at Mr Holyfield's lughole." Boxing Illustrated.

"Immobilarie sounds like an Italian joke name to me."

"A wonderful moment where two hoodlums try to kill Vincent with be-stockinged heads. It all ends in a glorious blood bath. A wonderful moment where a bullet looks like it goes through a mans hand and into his body. Perfect."

"If only such wonderfully exciting things happened behind the scenes the last time I went to the opera. I wouldn't have had to fall to sleep so often."

"Making pasta has never been more sexy! When I tried making love when making pasta I ended up all covered in flour. Another triumph for the silver screen!"

"I wouldn't give that pasta to my pet Rotweiller. Squashing pasta sexily and squashing pasta so you can eat it without your teeth falling out are two very different things. Couldn't Coppola afford a cookery expert?"

"It's really lovely to see two men kissing in a manly, non sloppy way. Keep up the good work."

"That helicopter attack in the Atlantic City hotel: does that happen often? It's the last time I go to a convention there."

"Well, so long then, will there be a Godfather 4?"

"All these Don Corleone's, I'm getting confused, will it ever end?"

"I've never accepted gifts of sweeties from Italian-Americans, and now I can see my mindless prejudice is well based on fact."

"Did the assassin look like a white haired Bosely from tv's Charlies Angels to anyone else? Glad to see he is still working, even if he did cause mayhem in this movie."

Please tell me the ending
Michael Corleone gets shot coming out of an opera in which his son stars. His daughter gets killed too, bad luck babe.
Quotable quotes (real)

"Never hate your enemy, it affects your judgment."

Other comments

It's all over....

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