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The Godfather Part 2
Short plot summary

Al Pacino plays Michael, the head of a Mafia family in decline. How to make friends and influence people Italian-American Mafia style? Feeling of decline in the air, not as depressing as first outing.

What our panel of critics thought

"Better fun than the first one."

"Lots better than the first one."

"Not better than the first one, just longer."

"If you shot someone in a boat that size you would be pushed backwards and would fall into the water clumsily, arms flailing all about. A classic comedy moment missed once more by Coppola, who has proved again that he is too interested in building up the drama than going for some well needed comic relief. Such a pity."

"It's over 3 hours long, my ass was as numb as when I saw Lawrence of Arabia without an intermission. "

"I was worried about Frank dying. He looks like an actor who could have overacted. Thank goodness Coppola had the foresight to have him killed off screen. His final scene was a blood and bath tub triumph!"

"Could the bit where Vito Corleone cuts the Don who killed his mother actually happen? No wonder De Niro is the actor he is, to pull off a stunt like that! And such forearm strength too."

"Was someone murdered with a clothes hanger? Well done, I doubt any old plastic one would have worked - do they have special clothes hangers in gun and ammo shops nowadays? This could revolutionize the clothes hanger murder industry. Would a police officer ever arrest you with a clothes hanger? "

"Bad luck to the nurse who was persuaded to go for a Champagne drinkie for New Year and therefore allowed her charge to be smothered with a pillow. I do hope she was sacked."

"I do hope that nurse was not sacked after she left her patient to have a seasonal drinkie. It was New Year after all, and her patient was very old. In any case, when they shot the attacker it probably would have shocked the old guy to death anyway."

"The comeuppance of that Senator was such a shame, he seemed like a nice boy with lots of spunk."

Please tell me the ending (or tell me the whole plot if necessary)

The story of Michael Corleone, head of gangster family at wrong time in history. He fails to deliver on promise to wife to go legit in 5 years.

Wife has an abortion after making out she miscarried after failed attempt on life in bed after the drapes were opened while she slept.

On hearing of abortion Michael takes it badly.

He also finds out his older brother, sweet-Freido, betrayed him. Gets him killed, but only after their mother dies first.

Cross cuts repeatedly throughout movie to Vito (later to be Don) Corleone (Robert De Niro) as young man with new family which skillfully fills in background to how Michael ended up in current predicament.

Michael appears to go evil-eyedly berserk at end, many murders occur. No toilet scenes with possibility of dick in hand this time though. (see Godfather1)

Other comments

Much better than the first film, just as brutal but no machine guns at the toll booth which was one of our major objections to the Godfather Part 1. Not half as depressing either. Good to see a baddie cut down in size (even though he was only 5ft 6 in the first place). Can't wait for the third film in the series (only another 14 years to go).

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