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The Godfather
Short plot summary

Marlon Brando plays Mafia boss with penchant for cotton wool filled cheeks. Study of Italian-American family's survival in market economy.

What our panel of critics thought

"Takes Macho Gangster to a whole n'other level."

"The emphasis on family values is challenged by presence of horse's head."

"Is it a real horse in that bed? Could be. The father of all horse snuff movies. Perfect!"

"Never have there been more suits in a movie. The dry cleaning bill must have been enormous."

"Lots of wonderful shooting scenes, however, on closer look, some of these look like mini explosive charges choreographed by director for effect."

"There must have been pressure on Coppola to use those wonderful 1970's fashions and hairstyles for this production. It could have added a whole new dimension to post war gangsterdom, a bit like The Monkees but without the humor and singing."

"If I had a dead horse's head in bed with me I wouldn't just sit there kneeling and screaming I would have been outta there, had they glued him to the bed sheets too?"

"I found the horse's head bit slightly unbelievable. Would anyone have slept through all that blood? I need an explanation."

"The soundtrack is a veritable treasure trove of middle of the road munching music. I think my local Italian restaurant has the CD. After a few bottles of wine I will be singing along at full volume!"

"Only the briefest of Italian spoken and then subtitled. Personally I never trust subtitles they could be talking about anything..."

"...Then they start talking in Italian with no subtitles at all! Thank goodness I had a friend seven rows in front of me in the cinema to shout the translation back to me."

"Nobody bounces off a car like Brando - the best example of fender bouncing in movie history - young actors take notes."

"Brando's death in the tomato patch was one of his worst screen deaths ever. Thankfully he drops to the ground mostly off screen with a tomato on his nose. I saw it coming all along."

Please tell me the ending (or tell me the whole plot if necessary)
Don Corleone is head of family, sends Michael, the youngest son to kill mobsters. After this hit, Michael hides in Sicily. While there, other brother Sonny gets killed so has to come back. Don Corleone dies in tomato patch and Michael becomes head of family.
Other comments

A genuine classic.

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