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First Blood
Short plot summary

John Rambo (Sylvestor Stallone) returns from Nam (in which he was tortured) to find a colleague, but he has died. The police (led by its sheriff, played by Brian Dennehy) take an interest in him and drives him out of town.

But our hero defies him and returns. He is tortured in a police cell whilst having Vietnam flashbacks but escapes.

The police hunt him down like a rabbit for the rest of the movie, but this rabbit has other ideas.

Please tell me about the sequels, but don't go on about them too long
Rambo: First Blood 2 Rambo is let out of US incarceration if he agrees to return to Vietnam to take some photos. The operation seems to start badly which encourages those back at base to abort the operation and really hamper our hero's chances of living. He survives, however, and goes back to base and shoots all of the equipment, although, disappointingly, missing any of the television sets which would have banged loudly. Rambo gets a girlfriend in this movie, but she is soon shot dead.
What our panel of critics thought
"In this outing, Mr Stallone strips to his underpants only once in a shower scene we feel must have been edited for a TV audience in the version we saw."

"Another one of those movies where the whole world is against the good little guy and the good little guy wins after much punching and running like the wind in vests and animal skins."

"A rabbit shoot, but this rabbit has the legendary athletic powers of Rocky to evade and punish his would be captors."

"A movie with tall trees."

"A definitive macho action man movie."

"A good movie to have on the video when you are out with your hunting buddies and the weather conditions have deteriorated and you have gone back to base to wait for the conditions to improve and you are waiting for the sausages and other provisions in cans to cook."

"All I remembered about this movie was the sewing up the arm gash with a needle and thread. I think I passed out after that, or did I vomit, I can't remember now.

Please tell me the ending or plot details if necessary
Rambo survives; lots of police go round with bandages on their noses, a couple get killed. Rambo finally gives himself up to a superior officer after a surprisingly emotional outburst criticizing home coming Vietnam vets' treatment by the American media/public.
Quotable quotes

John Rambo talking to his superior towards end of movie. He has just been told it's all over:

"Nothing is over, nothing. You just don't turn it off. It wasn't my war..." "...I did what I had to do to win, but somebody wouldn't let us win. Then I come back to the world and I see all those magazines at the airport protesting me. Calling me baby killer and all sorts of vile crap. Who are they to protest me unless they've been me, been there, and know what the hell they are yelling about?"

Other comments

Has that feel of Deliverance but without the classic 'squeal like a pig' episode, although threatening it throughout. Not a half bad movie if you are in the mood for it.

Date of review

July 25 , 2002

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