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Final Destination Parts 1 and 2
Short plot summary

Part 1: Plane crash - those who got off plane cheat death, then death comes to find each of them... ya hargh haaaaaar....

Part 2: Car crash - see above - same plot, a bit slicker...

What our panel of critics thought
"Sublime thrills from start to thwack/splicing/boing/thud finish!"

"Oh the humanity! Why oh why oh why, in the second movie, did Rivers leave her comfy secure padded cell to save the lives of people she does not know? Huh? It's just Hollywood-humanity gone insane!"

"Bravisimo! A veritable smorgasbord of Tom and Jerryness on the live action big screen."

"I saw Final Destination 1 on a flight from Los Angeles to New York. I screamed and screamed and screamed! Oh joy of joys!"

"No No No No NO! The first film is fatally flawed. Had those pesky kids gotten off the flight the plane couldn't have taken off, as their baggage would have been on the flight, and thus all the bags would have to be unloaded, hence the flight delayed. Look, here, at my well thumbed copy of The Geneva International In Flight Baggage Convention 1946-1998, revised for 2001 section 1d F IVV G123543! (That's my exclamation mark by the way) Huh? Are you listening to me? Hello?"

"It's a nice moment when the plane explodes in the first movie, but would the glass windows in the airport have exploded like that? If it had done so I doubt very much the chiseled good looks of our heroes would not have been disfigured with shards of sharp glass therefore making the rest of the movie populated by bandaged teen actors? Do I have to think of everything?"

"Here's a thought. Don't tell anyone, this could be worth a fortune: Has anyone ever thought of doing a Groundhog Day type movie in which the same person keeps on getting killed over and over just you don't know which way until they can solve the murder and therefore stop the killing? Huh? Has that been done? Oh I can't be bothered to pitch it to a studio. Just give me 10% of the box office receipts if you want it (my paypal e-mail address is below)."

Please tell me the ending or plot overview if necessary

Death is a sneaky special effects type shadow and is determined to make sure anyone who escapes from an accident will be ended with maximum creativity after a couple of nice misdirects.

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

At last, a highly original story plot-line. Hooray, hurrah and Hooray again! Once in a generation such an idea comes along (the one before this was Nightmare on Elm Street, the one before that was The Exorcist/The Omen).

The first time I saw the first Final Destination I didn't take to it easily - the beginning is just one big cliche - however get over that and the rest of the movie is quite fine.

This is not a traditional 'will death come knocking at one's door', rather it's a 'when will he do the dirty deed?' One by one we see our heroes die a horrible and sometimes even hilarious, crunchy, death, sometimes half naked, indeed.

Quotable quotes (real)

"I control my life not you."

"Shhh - Don't wake the dead."

"In death there are no accidents."

Other comments

Excellent idea, nicely done.

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