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Fight Club
Short plot summary

Men's thrill of fighting used as an antidote to materialism/ consumerism.

Extraordinarily intelligent film, amazing a major studio ever did it.

What our panel of critics thought

"How can a woman think she can go to a testicular cancer support group? It makes my blood boil."

"Why oh why oh why didn't they just have one actor and just use different hairstyles? We could have saved a fortune." (Studio executive).

"Wunderbarr! A cacophony of street cred in an easy to swallow tablet. More truth uttered in this movie than in the entire series of The Cosby Show, and I mean the whole damn 10 years of it."

"A slimy, dirty, dripping-wet-feelie-hugging-men-with-bit-titties of a movie is offset by not much in the way of entertainment. I loved it. Wanna fight?"

"Urinatingin the soup at a restaurant, how awful, but I know what they mean (wink). From my own experience I would recommend that you do not do this directly into the diner's bowl - I did it once and the soup was so thick that my manly-strength urine left a trail like in snow - it didn't mix in at all and laid like a puddle on the top of the soup."

"I have often seen young gentlemen with bandages on, do they all do this behind the scenes?"

"A horribly vicious little movie, I went straight home and washed myself with 'Singing in the Rain' for hours."

"This film is something for the time capsule to be pinged into space."

"Does Tyler know everything? You know, I think he does."

"Oh, Mr Meatloaf, I have always been a fan and oh how I prayed you could get some of that weight off your flabby ass so you didn't die of whatever in the 1980's. To see you in this movie was as depressing as watching Elvis when he became that whole hunka lard. Get on that Stairmaster and don't come off it until a friend can poke you in the stomach and still see their hand at the end of their arm!"

Please tell me the ending or whole plot overview if necessary

The Brad Pitt and Edward Norton characters are the same person - this is not clear until well into the second half of the film - Norton character suffering from schizophrenic disorder.

Basic plot summary:

Love interest between Bonham Carter character who Pitt's character screws and Norton despises as a leach.

Norton spends his free time going to support groups as he feels inadequate. Here he meets Bonham Carter, they agree to go to alternate day's meetings so they don't bump into each other.

Pitt's character represents confidence. He sets up Fight Club, a place where men can come to fight in an animalistic conduit for their aggression, no longer needed in their normal lives.

As Fight Club grows, it becomes a terrorist type gang of fighters causing mischief and mayhem across the country.


They all die happily ever after when Norton shoots himself in the mouth with a gun.

Quotable quotes (real)

How much do you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?

Other comments

One of the best movies of the 1990's.

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