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Fatal Attraction
Short plot summary

Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) has a moment of extra marital passion with blonde Alex 'bunny boiler' Forrest (Glenn Close). She then claims him as hers, even though his wife doesn't know... yet...

What our panel of critics thought

"As a serial philanderer I have to admit that this is one of my favorite movies. It gives me quite a thrill to think that the woman I am pashing is about to go nuclear on my ass, and that of my family and pets."

"I have a 1980's frizzy perm fetish and can completely understand how Michael Douglas's character got so caught up in the moment. And, you know, even knowing what I know after watching this movie, I would still go for it!"

"I never liked bunny rabbits in the first place."

"This movie brought back fond memories of sending taped messages to my loved ones in happier, 1980's, times. Today's kids, with their internet and instant messaging, are missing out on all of the fun of the cassette tape. You know, I always found it so difficult to fit what I had to say onto one side of a C60. (That's 30 minutes of talking each side, kids.)"

"I walked out of this movie. It is horribly vicious - I have not been able to have a bath filled to the top since, without horrible flashbacks and watery shouts from the woman living in the apartment underneath."

"The moment of bunny boiling is now a classic, it probably has its own internet site now."

Please tell me the ending

Alex pursues Dan, she finds out where he lives after he changes the phone number to stop her phoning. Alex befriends his wife on the pretext she is to buy the house. An awkward meeting occurs at the house...

Dan continues to spurn Alex's declarations of love, she tells him she is pregnant with his child, she goes to his house and boils his bunny rabbit. She temporarily kidnaps their daughter from school. She then breaks in to the house in an attempt to kill his wife with a knife. Alex is eventually overpowered in the bath. Then she comes to life again and is shot by Dan's wife, Beth.

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

One of those Halloween type, murderous 'what will it take to finish her off' movies, but this one set in suburbia with frizzy perms, suits, expensive cars, and not a baseball mask or chain saw anywhere in sight.

A well produced 'nightmare' movie with the end never really in any doubt, although the number of false endings in this movie is quite disturbing. Not recommended for people with pacemakers, unless the battery is running low.

A tale of modern morality, although I would expect the number of unscrupulous, horny, men who were put off from philandering because of this is marginal, indeed how many found the whole thing a massive turn on?

Certainly not one for bunny rabbit lovers, but, for the rest of us, one of those movies to witness, not enjoy exactly, but one to say you have seen - and, of course, to see first hand what a bunny boiler is.

Quotable quotes (real)

"You play fair with me, I'll play fair with you."

"Nice to meet you - haven't we met somewhere before?"

"I want a little respect."

Other comments
Claustrophobic, cold, a movie which shocked when it came out, and the wave after wave of tension at the end is still effective. Compulsive viewing.
Date of Review

June 27, 2003.

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