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Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon
Alternative titles (real)
The Deadly Three; Long zheng hu dou; Operation Dragon
Short plot summary

A Shaolin temple Monk has gone bad. The authorities know he is involved with drugs, some women have been found dead because of heroin overdose, but can't prove anything... that's where Lee (Bruce Lee) comes in...

... there's a once every three years martial arts tournament organized on the bad guy's island coming up... Bruce, go see what's up... and, by the way, the guy killed your sister...

Adult caution rating: Contains scenes of face slapping, crotch whacking, 'eeeeeyyyaaaooooo!' screaming, outrageous 1970's black racial stereotype hairstyles, significant amounts of upper body male nudity, moments of flashback story telling.
What our panel of critics thought

"Those sumo's were clearly taking the p', stopping like they were statues when the master of ceremonies welcomed our hero's to the martial arts tournament... I want my money back!"

"Those weren't sumo's you idiot, they were belly rubbers."

"Mr tall martial arts man: My! what a nice frizzly haired perm you have my dear, but how rotten you were to those fine upstanding officers of the law!"

"Some of the fight scenes are really quite realistic."

"I always find it amazing that the baddy never grabs Lee's neck from behind, there's no getting out of that one."

"Has everything, including the Asian baddy with the white cat! Bravisimo!"

Please tell me the ending

Everyone is slapped or kicked to unconsciousness by our hero.

In a room filled with mirrors, the baddy gets punished but only after scratching our hero's upper body and left facial cheek just enough for the iconic posters.

The imprisoned black coats are then released and they beat up the white coats. Everything then ends, the bad guy is dead. Not sure what happened to the white cat though...

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

One has always fancied oneself as a martial artist, but could never be much bothered to turn up for class, let alone to launder ones white togs to the required fluorescence. The kicks alone are justification for the screams of 'Bravisimo' which left ones mouth at times during this enterprise. However, one is unsure if this movie would have been half as revered had its star not died before this movie was released.

Bruce Lee went to bed early one eve with a headache and didn't regain consciousness. An open verdict was returned, the most likely cause was a swollen brain from too many hits to the head. Of course, conspiracy theories spread across the world, and this movie became a smash hit and Bruce Lee became a massive star.

This movie is little more than a martial arts actioner with a little bit of philosophy, which today we have seen many times. A rather skinny fighter (in real life a true champion) but in a movie such as this the visuals have to get precedence to the reality and what we are left with is a very nicely dancy display of martial artistry, and thoughts of what might have been...
Quotable quotes (real)
"I see your talents have gone beyond the mere physical level."
"The style of no style."
"What is your style?: The art of fighting without fighting."
"We are all ready to win just as we are born knowing only life."
Other comments

One of the first Asians in a lead role in a (sort of) US movie. Lead actor (Bruce Lee) dies in mysterious circumstances in real life (or at least that's what they said when the movie's release was delayed due to it).

Date of Review

July 20 , 2003 (30th anniversary of Bruce Lee's death)

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