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Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back
Short plot summary

A sequel which had little originality of its own but you need to see this before the third (or 6th) one in the series. Includes accidental brother on sister love interest.

What our panel of critics thought

"Has aged badly. Looks more like a cheap Saturday morning flick now."

"Has all the qualities of a classic Saturday matinee, brilliant."

"Lots of ballast and special effects, not much else."

"Lacks a new brilliant philosophical point; continues down the 'force be with you' route - is there no originality left in this world? Disappointing."

"Why oh why oh why does Leia continue with the Danish pastries on her ears?"

"Hot and ravishing ex carpenter turned heart throb Harrison Ford excels again. He looks sexy even when completely frozen, magnificent."

"Is there no end to Darth Vader's talents?"

"Vader portrays the archetypal villain surrounded by incompetents wonderfully. I bet my house he's going down, and he's going down hard."

"Vader's petard is hoist once more before it being pulled from him violently in the next episode, I bet."

"More special effects than in any film before it. A veritable smorgasbord of surreal endeavor. My investment in LucasFilms is the best one I've ever made."

"The special effects are so good I could not help myself but, when in the cinema, to point them out to a friend sitting next to me whenever a new one came to my attention. Well done. Magnificent. Can't wait for the next one (or four)."

Please tell me the ending

Darth Vadar tells Skywalker he is his father. Nobody of consequence dies, Dad and son have a light saber fight in which Skywalker improbably jumps like the wind to his safety. Han Solo gets put in deep freeze to preserve him before the next episode.

Other comments

The debate rages whether this is the best Star Wars film.

What do you think?
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