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Donnie Darko
Short plot summary

So, there's this 6ft rabbit who seems to be guiding our hero, Donnie Darko, out of danger and telling him when his world is about to end and then there's a twist at the end and oh my Gawd look out there's a plane about to... aaarrggghhhh!...

What our panel of critics thought

"I flew with an airline like that once."

"A missed opportunity for a good Bugs Bunny joke: Rabbit says: 'EEErrrr, what's up Dark'?' Are they playing for laughs or wot?"

"As cuddly Hollywood rabbits go I am not a fan. I much prefer Thumper in Bambi."

"Is this why Harvey the rabbit was invisible in Hollywood's classic 1950's black and white movie romp? It would have scared the willies out of that nice Cary Grant."

"I knew a man with teeth like that once."

"Superb soundtrack."

"Huh? So, that doctor from ER is now pretending to be a teacher? Pull the other one, mate, you're not qualified!"

"Jake Gyllenhaal, the guy who plays Donnie Darko, has an uncanny ability to look completely asleep when he is completely awake. Bravisimo! Or is this a device used by the director to 'telegraph' to the audience that this is all a dream? I wish I had stayed awake now in my media studies movie course."

"A disappointment if you hoped Patrick Swayzee would do some more Dirty Dancing™©. He barely lifts a leg."

"Not since the legendary Bobby Ewing shower room scene in 1980's tv's popular Dallas, have we been so tricked into thinking that something has happened when it hasn't. This time, thank goodness, it was only 1 hour and 50 minutes of my life wasted."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

SPOILER (If you don't want to know the twist in this movie go straight to the next section):

From the first airplane crash to the second is all a dream.

Donnie was killed in the first plane crash, so the unlikely event of it happening twice suddenly dawns on you that it must all have been a strange dream... and the look on his mother's face at the end (he had just called her a bitch the last time they had spoken) is more moving...

However, is it supposed to be a dream sequence, or an alternative reality, a split in the time continuum alluded to in the narrative? No... it must be a dream because of the rabbit... or must it...? is the rabbit the gatekeeper of the time continuum? damn and blast... does this mean we'll have to listen to the directors commentary? Did Star Trek ever do this?

Quotable quotes (real)

"Everyone dies alone."

"We got eggs, water balloons and a dozen rolls of toilet paper..."

"... mad world..."

Donnie: "Why are you wearing that stupid rabbit suit?" Rabbit: "Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?"

Other comments

A nicely done movie, quite classy in it's own way, excellent soundtrack with a nice twist at the end. Up there with Sixth Sense.

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