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Short plot summary

Water, bonding and all time buggery classic: Squeal like a pig boy.

Jon Voight plays Ed Gentry, Burt Reynolds is Lewis Medlock,
Ned Beatty as Bobby Trippe and Ronny Cox is Drew Ballinger

What our panel of critics thought
"A trip to the pig farm was never the same after this movie."

"A few more fart jokes would have helped."

"It's a very dark journey into hell and back, but, ironically, the actual lighting is perfect in this movie,. Congratulations to the cinematographer for a job well lit."

"I have rarely stormed out of a movie half way through and then thought again mid storm and stormed back to my seat again, but that bit in the forest when he squeals like a pig has warmed many a lonely night since. Bravisimo totalitarismo!"

"A cross between Stand By Me and Deer Hunter."

"If he kills one more little fishy with that spear I will scream!"

"Burt Reynolds' body hair never fails to impress. Hairy in all the right places but without looking like a carpet."

Please tell me the ending

Three of the four survive, both of the baddies are killed.

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

A triumphant 1970's rugged disaster fest, of men being boys in a spot of watery and leafy bother.

Like the veritable cat of 6 lives mythology, we are veritably concussed by the quintessential robustness of our quartet of would be toughies having an adventure they will never forget.

Our four friends stumble upon the metaphor of manliness, which includes be-buggerment whilst squealing like pigs, firing off their spear guns and being shot at by men who have not been blessed with the knowledge of dentistry. Beware those of you with capped teeth! Your worst nightmare lurks in this movie!

Quotable quotes (real)

"Squeal like a pig boy!"


Other comments

A must see grown up boy movie. Up there with Stand By Me but with killing in it and a male rape scene which has passed into legend.

A good actioner but not one to watch with the kids, or aging relatives.

Date of Review

March 27, 2003

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