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Tom Cruise plays a bad guy who hijacks a taxi and driver which he uses to tour Los Angeles on a killing spree. The taxi driver is played by Jamie Foxx.

What our panel of critics thought

"In many ways this is the perfect role for Cruise - very subdued. I like Cruise when he is subdued, it's when he's jumping on sofas and whooping I don't like him much. Thankfully there's not much whooping in this movie, which is just as well because if he were to jump up on the sofa a dense cloud of talcum power would probably come out of his hair."

"What is it with gray haired villains that attract me so?"

"Did Jamie Foxx do the stunt driving in this movie? If so, he's such a talented individual, if not what a lovely toothy smile!"

"My, how lovely Los Angeles looks when it is completely dark."

"The rich red and yellows of our hero's taxi serves as a poignant contrast to the black, white and dulled yellows of a bedarkened Los Angeles past bedtime. Clunked safely behind the door of what he might reasonably expect to be his sanctuary of safeness, Foxx, our taxi driving hero, becomes entangled in the nasty business of a madman with an exemplary work ethic out to do some killin'n'stuff. A classic white vs black slavery Hollywood subtext with the blacks, ultimately, winning after a period of disgraceful domination under the gun, accompanied by delicious music and the banging of guns."

"Oh, don't get me started on the name of this movie. I wanted to call it Paracetamol."

Please tell me the ending or plot overview if necessary

Vincent, Tom Cruise, gets killed after a period of Halloween type can't shoot this sucker downedness. Presumably Jamie Foxx's character goes on to start up his limo company after all... or at least get one of those taxis that has a bullet-proof separation between driver and passenger.

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

Oh me oh my, Tom, you naughty man! Everyone's, at least at one time, favorite hero is not a hero in this movie in the slightest. Neither does he play the bad guy who finds the good way at the end of the movie neither, no sir, he plays a bad guy who can't stop getting badder.

Now, some of Tom's fans will undoubtedly rush to his defense, presumably saying something akin to 'the people he kills in this movie deserve it'. That may or not be the case, one doesn't want to judge, but that aside he is terribly rude to everyone's favorite black actor-rapper since Will Smith, Jamie Foxx. Jamie wrestles with his conscience, along with the steering wheel, throughout, but whilst ultimately he succeeds in opposing his oppressor, it is a long and tortuous trip.

From a landscape, and particularly the 'look what's zipping by through the windows' perspective, Los Angeles looks rather spiffy in this movie, most of which is filmed at night. The movie is nicely tight with a wonderful soundtrack.

Other comments

One of the best 'clunks' of a door in movie history.

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