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Cloverfield (2008)
Short plot summary

Monster attacks Manhattan, all from the point of view of a hand held camera carried by our heroes on their adventures through the being demolished city. Impressively unique monster movie.

What our panel of critics thought

"All that on one battery? Oh come on, it's just soooo unrealistic batteristically."

"Pffwwaaaa rrrrrrrrrrrggggg hhhhhhhh!"

"Brilliant, but don't watch this movie at the cinema, watch the DVD or rent the movie. People have died from motion sickness watching this movie on a big screen."

"Oooooo heeerrrrreeeeeeerrrrrgggghhhhhh plerghhhhhh!"

"It has been said that this is just an old fashioned monster movie in new clothing. But the new clothes of which they speak are invisibility cloaks and jet packs. Brilliant stylistically, a quantum leap forward in movie making. Kudos!"

"Mmmmwwww oooooeeeerrrrggggghhhhh woooo eeeepppperrrrrrr!"

"Mega financed Blair Witch Project meets family holiday video in Baghdad during Shock And Awe!"

"Ooooooooowwwweeeerrrrrrcccghhh hhhhhh wwwweeeerrr ccchhiiiaaaaaaaa. Uhm, do you have a tissue? I'll pay for the dry cleaning."

"It is a bit slow to start with but then it sort of violently takes off. A truly brilliant water cooler 'event' movie fro 2008. Just don't watch it in the cinema or if you do take travel sickness tablets before you go in."

"0 out of 10 for the guy just filming the spider attack in the subway and not dropping the camera to help his friends."

Please tell me the ending or plot overview if necessary

Our hero gets to his girlfriend who is trapped in her partially destroyed building. Loads of deaths along the way.

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

I can just imagine what my dear friend Cecil B DeMille would have said at a shaky camera such as this throughout the movie. If he isn't turning in his grave at this then he really is well and truly dead.

DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE IN THE CINEMA! Watch it on a television set and take a break when the shaky camera gives you a headache.

Monster movie fanatics might complain that you never really get to see the monster in every detail. You see it badly lit climbing up a building, and then you see it from underneath. But that is a good thing. How many monster movies are ruined by seeing the gloopey eyed monster? No, lets wait for Cloverfield 5 for that.

Other comments

An event movie not to be missed. The special effects are superb, the jerky camera is a bit too much at times but that is the only downside. This is original movie making par excellence.

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