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Bringing Up Baby
Short plot summary

Katharine Hepburn (Susan) plays a scatty heiress who gets the hots for soon to be married Prof David Huxley (Cary Grant).

David needs money for his research - he approaches Mr Peabody (known to Susan as Boopy) but one mishap leads on to another... Boopy is knocked unconscious by a rock thrown at him by Susan trying to wake him by knocking pebbles at his bedroom window...

An intercostalclavical (sp?) is delivered to David. Susan phones David telling him that her brother Mark, a big game hunter, has caught a leopard and she has it running around her apartment.

Susan pretends she is being attacked, so David goes over to help her...

What our panel of critics thought

"Cary Grant plays to the 1930's crowd by dressing up in a woman's dressing robe and saying he has "gone gay all of a sudden." "

"This movie was critically panned at the time, but now it is regarded as a high point of the romantic comedy genre of the late 1930's. An absolute no quibble guarantee that you will like this movie if you like Cary Grant (playing to type - superb) and Katharine Hepburn (who is super-superb)."

"Leopard tail-grabbing slapstick in the way only Grant and Hepburn could do."

"Susan was so annoying, and, yet, mysteriously comic at the same time. I am impressed, although my nervous eye twitch has returned with gusto!"

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

A triumph of near music hall "he said she said, but then he did and she did" - edness. Not that our spunky fellows in this sublime series of mayhems said that, they are too busy performing the most perfect of prat falls.

Hepburn is in her element as the scatty airhead. Cary is perfectly Grant-like. Made in 1938 the movie is truly warm and funny. Looking back, it is a defining moment in the genre and probably the best example of romantic comedy of its time (possibly of all time).

If you love romantic comedy movies you will love this one (even if you are allergic to black and white). If you have never heard of this movie before you are in for a treat. Recommended without reservation for a rainy afternoon.

Quotable quotes (real)

"When a man's wrestling a leopard in the middle of a pond he is in no position to run."

"I know it."

Please tell me the ending

On going to "rescue" Susan, she manages to pass off the leopard onto David. This starts a series of incidents including jail and the inevitable crash into a truck of chickens.

Ending: David calls off his marriage and seems to say he loves Susan. They live "happily" (although bruised) ever after, but they don't get the million dollars.

Other comments

The movie is a joy. It is a classic. Don't miss it.

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