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Brief Encounter
Short plot summary

Woman gets a piece of grit in her eye and a doctor helps her get it out... Thus begins a heartbreakingly passionate, but unconsumatable, love affair in Milford train station and its environs.

Celia Johnson is utter priceless perfection as a love wrought middle aged woman who finds passion with her doctor friend (played by Trevor Howard). They go to the theater together and the cinema but, on borrowing a friend's room for sex, they are disturbed and it looks as if the affair is to end all of a sudden...

What our panel of critics thought

"Celia Johnson could not be more perfect. She has got that bunny rabbit caught in the headlights look down to a tee. Marvelous."

"Always high up in any UK based best movie of all time list. Deservingly so."

"Trevor Howard could not have been more of a charm."

"Rarely has such dialogue been handled with such tonguey aplomb!"

Please tell me the ending

The doctor gets a job in Africa so the 'affair' must end. Their farewell is spoiled by an annoying old woman. They say good-bye forever with him putting his hand on her shoulder... She runs out to kill herself, but doesn't. They all live miserably ever after.

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

Stunning! Stupendous! Near perfection! Apart from the plummy accents, the performances are truly stunning. Celia Johnson is truly amazing in this movie, and yes, folks, people do still talk like this in places in England today!

The movie combines music hall shtick (the love affair between the guard and the owner of the cafe) with a deeply passionate, unconsummated, love affair. Timed perfectly, acted stunningly, both a piece of social commentary and a cursory swipe at loneliness in a secure family environment. Take that!

The movie is a timepiece, and so holds up well as time progresses. A rare smoke filled joy.

Quotable quote (real)
"We lead such exciting lives!"
"You look just like an avenging angel"
"Oh, I could never tell the difference between left and right!"
Other comments

Pure love. An amazing movie. Celia Johnson is sheer perfection. Can on-screen passion with all your clothes on be better than this? We don't think so...

Unmissable, but only for black and white movie buffs.

Date of Review

April 8 , 2003

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