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Bourne Ultimatum
Short plot summary

Jason Bourne (who we find out is really called David Webb), played by Matt Damon, finds out who he is, why he's the way he is, what happened to him before he lost his memory, why he did what he did and who did what to whom etc in an exciting stunt filled movie.

There's a number of efficient fist fights, car crashes and buying of pay-as-you-go ('prepay') mobile (cell) phones along the way, as our $30 million dollar man beats up anyone who gets in his way, apart from three lucky people. See also Bourne Identity (you'll probably have to have seen Bourne Supremacy too before watching this movie to get all of the back history).

What our panel of critics thought

"The scene in London's Waterloo Station is niftily edited so that as soon as a member of the public looks into a camera the camera shoots away. Refreshingly remarkable."

"Is this movie filmed in Chaos Vision? I think we should be told."

"Matt Damon has got one of those heavy-eyed everyman faces that only he and Keifer Sutherland have and can still claim to be a big movie star."

"Is this movie better than TV's epic '24'? For me 24 is the benchmark these days for this kind of action flick and to his credit Bourne manages to get everything sorted out in about 2 hours, whereas Sutherland needs a staggering 24 hours (including commercial breaks) to triumph in the end."

"This movie franchise has a refreshing 'out amongst the people' feeling. The Waterloo Station scene is impressive (how many times did they have to stop filming when someone asks for Damon's autograph?) but for me the car crash in New York was the highlight."

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