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The Bourne Identity (Die Bourne Identität)
Short plot summary

An apparently dead body is found floating in the sea. It is picked up by a passing boat and the ship's doctor removes two bullets from his back. But, silly, he is not dead at all, and, although he cannot remember what his name is, once he is dried off he soon finds he has special power-like abilities...

What our panel of critics thought

"Is this where the term 'Bourne again' came from?"

"This type of movie always annoys me. Doesn't anyone in Europe recognize it's Matt Damon?"

"I doubt he could get down from that wall quite as well had there not been such nifty editing."

"Dark, wet and European throughout."

"So if he was worth $30 million does that mean he was 5 times better than 1970's TV's Bionic Man, Steve Austin? It must be so, whenever he jumped over something there wasn't that creaky chi chi chi sound."

"This movie must put the final stop to Clive Owen (The Professor - an assassin) becoming the next James Bond. He will never live it down, being shot by an American like that!"

"It's nice to see that troubled Will Hunting has finally made something out of his life. Bravisimo. Encore!"

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is a $30million US agent gone bad (or good depending on your politics). Our Jay (he is never called this) is an assassin who seems to have failed in his bid to execute a target (because a young child was involved?) But he doesn't know who he is... or what his past was... until it is revealed to him one tantalizing plot point at a time...

Bourne is trained to be a cold hearted assassin (we are told he is supposed to be an invisible cold hearted assassin actually) but even though he can kick and punch like an over excited kangaroo on the bounciest trampoline, the bit when they trained him to be a bastard sort of melts away and he becomes all kind'n'caring. Which is just as well really because he persuades Marie Helena Kreutz (Franka Potente) to give him a lift to Paris and it would have been all too convenient to shoot the mare in the head and save on the fare... But, as luck would have it, he falls for her, so spends the rest of the film protecting her from people out to bring him down, and there are an awful lot of em.

Other comments

Great scenery and a gorgeous European darkness you rarely see in a mainstream Hollywood movie. Matt Damon is superb, as always.

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