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The Blair Witch Project
Short plot summary

Three young documentary makers go to look for the Blair Witch. This movie is the footage they filmed, found 1 year after their disappearance... ya ha hargh...

What our panel of critics thought

"Their doomedness was rarely in doubt, however the journey was quite fine if a little too shrieky for me."

"A modern video nasty."

"I will be kicking my cat for the rest of its life that I did not have this idea first."

"Not sure how much a map would have helped in the forest like that anyway. Should have taken a GPS tracking system with you. Shame they only had a $25,000 budget."

"A horribly squawky movie filled with black screen."

Please tell me the ending
It all ends horribly ever after. Whooo ho hooo....
Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

A timeless ghost story told with simple understated brilliance. There is not much else to say about this movie. It truly scared the willies out of me and I have not been near a tree since.

Frustrating? Yes. Annoying? Yep.

There's doom and leaves by the tonne. Thank goodness their camera batteries did not run out as that would have been a tragedy of Herculean black screen proportions.

Other comments

This movie was so un-mainstream at the time and has been quite influential since.

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