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Back to the Future - Parts 1, 2, 3
Short plot summary

Frizzy haired seemingly mad unqualified professor type invents time machine and uses it to improve lifestyle for stunted 25 year old playing teenager.

What our panel of critics thought
"Too much gasping, not enough acting."

"Another episode of this trilogy and I'd call the cops."

"Marty is far too short."

"Doc is too tall."

"Is this possible? Sounds unlikely to me. That nice Stephen Hawking told me once that it couldn't happen. I feel cheated out of my admission money. Don't think I'd buy the special edition DVD."

"If you wanted to nominate a mid 80's trilogy which is pure unadulterated popcorn then this is it. No brain necessary."

Please tell me all the endings or whole overview if necessary

Part 1: Doc has invented a time machine, a deLorien. Marty McFly uses it to go back in time. Marty arranges for his mother and father to fall in love, in 1955 - his mother falls in love with Marty in an hysterical incestuous misunderstanding. At end of movie, Marty returns to the correct time, in 1985, with parents now successful, having dealt, in 1955, with Butch, the bully, who had previously prevented them from developing their potential fully. At the end of the movie Doc returns to tell Marty his future will have problems and he must come 'back' to 2015 at once.

Part 2: Marty and girlfriend Jennifer, go forward in time to 2015 where flying cars are the norm. Marty is now the same age as his son. Butch takes a sports almanac with all results from 2015 back to 1955; he places bets to become super-wealthy, murders Marty's father and marries Marty's mother. Marty foils Butch at the end of the movie (thus his father is not murdered) by burning the almanac after a couple of chases with false endings - Marty watches a matchbook change name to show Butch fails to become rich. Movie ends in 1955, Marty stranded as Doc has gone off in the time car to 1885. A man from Western Union brings Marty a document a couple of minutes after Doc leaves with parchment from Doc in 1885, asking Marty for help. Marty then goes back into town to find 1955's Doc who has just sent 1985's Marty back to 1985 at the end of the last film. 1985's 1955 Marty (2) runs round the corner to the sound of gasps all round. To be continued...

Part 3: Starts in 1955. Marty goes back to 1885 to help Doc who is apparently killed by Butch for scaring his horse who loses a shoe when Doc fires at a rope around Marty's neck to hang him. Doc is a blacksmith. Doc falls in love and has kids (Jules and Verne). These return to 1985's Marty and Jennifer at the end in a specially engineered locomotive. Everyone lives happily ever after.

Quotable quotes (real)

"Nobody calls me chicken."

Other comments

An interesting concept, reasonably satisfactorily handled but leaves the viewer feeling they have been cheated of 7 hours of their lives through watching this pap.

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