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Apollo 13
Short plot summary

A tale of weightless tear-filled broken dreams, as space craft (built to cheapest competitive tender) squirts oxygen into space on way to Moon.

Moon shot therefore a write off, but will they suffocate to death up there, or be rescued in emotion filled movie conclusion?

What our panel of critics thought
"Surprisingly gripping even though we all know how it's going to end."

"Has all of the wet feeling, frozen windowed horror of those cheap holiday's in those hostels of my youth."

"Nice weightless moments, although I objected to the moment of vomiting madness. Sheer lunacy in such a confined space."

"None of the fantastic 1970's fashions which we all so enjoyed? These astronaut guys were just so square, and yet they were also the coolest things not in platform soles at the same time..."

Other comments

A good documentary type record of one of the low points of the Apollo project.

Critics at the time punned 'this movie has no atmosphere'. This was as unfunny as it was true.

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