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All the President's Men
Short plot summary

The story of Tricky Dicky, Bob and Carl: Two reporters stumble across a story in which the President, members of his administration and US government agencies, attempt to cover up a covert scheme to undermine Democrat reelection chances, and Nixon's challengers in his own party. And it's all true...

Dramatization of the legendary Watergate investigation by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein at the Washington Post.

What our panel of critics thought

"So, this is how they did it before word processors. Looked horribly inky to me! Needed a lot of finger strength to bash down those keys. Where's that carbon paper... zzzzzittttptch?"

"A world where photocopiers were the height of technology in the office. Not a computer screen in sight! Wunderbarr and wunderbarr again! "

"I remember, at the time, I would rise from my bed 5:30 sharp to run down to get a paper. I would then run screaming all the way back. This is a record of that hysterical period in history. A joy."

"Back in the 70's, to get such a handsome boy as Redford to play you must be a journalist's dream. Mostly, journalists are fat and cannot get out of their chairs without farting outrageously."

"I can't find me a picture of Bob Woodward anywhere. Did he actually look like Redford, or is this another cover up?"

"The movie has a feeling of doom and gloom, or maybe my TV is just on the blink."

"There is absolutely no action sequence of note in this movie. All they do is talk. I started to watch it on my TV but the sound is broke so I turned over to a Claude Van Damme movie to watch him kick some butt."

"My favorite bit in the movie is the only near-action sequence in it. Redford runs from the underground car park into the night, chased by nothing but the wind! It was then that I was gripped. Ever since, I have been running away from this unseen threat of an administration gone bad! I had a nervous breakdown in the 1980's because of it. A masterpiece!"

"Stella performances all round, especially the show-stopping performance from the ticker machine at the end."

"Naturalistic acting, wonderful. All the thrills and spills of working on a newspaper where the journalists actually investigate things rather than just make things up. A wonderful time piece."

"Deep throat was a revelation."

"If I hear another analogy I will pop!"

"Canuck letter schmookletter!"

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

Starts with the break in of the Watergate building, which turns out to be just part of a broad based concerted campaign to support Nixon reelection prospects, financed by a slush fund given to the Campaign to reelect the president.

Movie follows the activities of both journalists, showing how they broke the story.

Ends with the resignation of President Nixon (only seen in film clips), announced by ticker tape.

Quotable quotes (real)

"If there's any reason we should hold on the story, hang up before I get to 10..." (Carl Bernstein)


"Nothing's riding on this except the First Amendment of the Constitution, freedom of the press and maybe the future of the country." Ben Bradley (In the book this quotation is not confirmed word for word.)

Other comments

Won multiple awards in 1976.

A cracking film, do not miss it if you are in a political intrigue frame of mind - although read the book for all the details (this movie ends around the middle of the investigation...

On 1st June 2005 it was reported that Mark Felt, Assistant Director of the FBI, was Deep Throat, thus ending years of speculation.

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