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Young Frankenstein
Review and overview

This is one of Mel Brooks finest movies (we also like High Anxiety and History of the World part 1). A beautifully crafted, hysterically funny comedy utilizing the Brooks troupe, in a perfectly photographed classic old movie styling.

This is a carpet chewing masterpiece of comedic incident, a movie of hernia popping potential. Ensure you are sitting correctly, balanced on each buttock (This is not a movie to watch soon after having an operation - do not even think about this movie in that state).

The movie follows the life of a Frankenstein, played by Gene Wilder, grandson of the great Baron von Frankenstein. Initially our hero attempts to avoid comparison with his forefather, but, on a trip to his Grandfather's house, is persuaded once more to attempt reanimation during a thunderstorm, using a brain from the local morgue.

Unfortunately, Eyegore (Marty Feldman) drops the requested brain and takes the next one along the shelf. This has Abnormal ('Abby Normal') written on the side.

In the classic 1940's-movie means of reanimation, lightening is channelled into the body from above. The monster eventually breaks out and after a couple of contacts with others returns on hearing music. He is finally tamed and performs in an hysterical singing and dancing routine - a well dressed audience end up throwing cabbages when it goes wrong after a promising start.

Filmed in Black and White, the movie parodies everything you can remember of all those early Frankenstein (and other black and white horror 'classic') movies you have ever seen. It combines a series of hysterically funny moments, and characters, in a movie you will remember forever. An all time great comedy classic.

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