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Starsky and Hutch (2004)
Short plot summary

Set before the hit 1970's TV series starts, our heroes are two cops from Bay City, Los Angeles. They are put together by Captain Doby and the rest is pop culture history.

Hutch starts off as a law breaking slacker (6 bank raids and doesn't know the police station is open at 8am) and Starsky is a conscientious, no sense of humour cop who is at his desk early to do the paper work...

The movie follows our heroes who are investigating a drug baron who has (genetically?) modified cocaine so that it appears to be sweetener...


Ben Stiller (David Starsky), Owen Wilson (Ken Hutchinson), Snoop Dogg (Huggy Bear), Fred Williamson (Captain Doby), Vince Vaughn ( Reese Feldman)

Writing credits William Blinn (characters) Stevie Long (story)
Todd Phillips
Moments of comedy heaven

Starksy shoots the tail off a lizard.

Guy in prison asks Starsky and Hutch to do 'The Dragon' in return for information.

Boy throws knives into Starsky and Hutch.
Shower room - small towels...
Hutch: "Are you crying?" Starsky: "I'm not crying..."
Starsky's undercover "Do it. Do it" character and hair.
Starsky and Hutch's introduction in the movie, including parody of the opening credits with the stars jumping from buildings and onto cars... "When you cross the line, your nuts are mine."
Interviewing the naked lady.
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