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Celebrity Funny Horoscope for Vin Diesel (July 18, 1967)
Vin Diesel{Picture}
Cancer: Born New York, New York.

Your appearance gives people the impression that you are unlikely to think or reason things out quite the way that other people do, preferring to bang things with your head, or with large pipes, or attempt to shrivel opponents up with your typically Cancerous deep voice.

Lozenges or sucking-candies are your best bet to soothe your grating larynx, although you have learned to enjoy that pleasant feeling of 'bloody growl' in the back of your mouth.

You like to paint and write poetry with sounds.

You are right to be distrustful of smooth or fast talkers or people who noticeably drop the pitch of their voice when talking to you.

Your hugs are world class and your snuggles are second to none, although you tend to be over licky.

Much of your emotional life can be vigorous and adventurous. For the most part you're a good sport and like to have a good time. You're somewhat far seeing and wonderfully adaptable especially during picnics and camping expeditions. You are possibly the most creative sandwich maker in the world.

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