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Celebrity Horoscope for... Nicole Kidman (June 20, 1967)
Nicole Kidman{Picture}

Gemini: Born Honolulu, Hawaii.

You tend to be active, dynamic, mobile and assertive particularly when engaged in flower arranging and map reading.

Intuition is your thing and you live by your own code, which can sometimes confuse bystanders but makes sense when you explain it using pie charts. Not that, in these terror round every corner times, confusing folks is a bad thing, as you can make attackers and stalkers get lost and accidentally bump into walls.

Competitive and flamboyant, you are not to be messed with when playing board games such as Monopoly where you will insist on being the Bank and may hide hotels when no-one is looking.

Timid and slow folk may hide when you approach: Call them firmly by name and they will eventually return, sheepishly. They will avert their eyes to avoid your silent scolding.

Animals approach from afar to try to lick or rub their heads on your leg. Whilst this sounds pleasant in a Walt Disney way, you have learned to avoid farms where animals may have poop on their little noses...

TIP: Drink lots of water so that you always have an excuse to urinate.

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