Satire Archive 2011

Christmas Voices: Chocolate Coated Brussels Sprouts... Have Your Say

World Voices: Scientists Have Discovered That Elephants Have A Sixth Toe. Have Your Say

Facebook Privacy Concerns As Picture Of Mark Zuckerberg Holding Cock Goes Viral

Picture Bubble: Financial Fish Talk

Mitt Romney Finds Someone To Bet $10,000 With

Seriously: Wikipedia Republican Presidential Candidates Ooops

World Voices: The Supercar Crash In Japan... Have Your Say


"Nobody Told Me Of APEC Summit Dress Code Change," Says Hawaiian Shirt Wearing Premier

Silvio Berlusconi Working On New Book: 'My Favorite Female Body Parts'

New Leonardo da Vinci Conspiracy Probably Revealed, But What Does It Mean?

Again! Does My Butt Look Big In This?

Donald Trump Launches New Book: 'Time To Get Our Oompa Back'

Solve Europe's Crisis: Invade Switzerland

Seriously: Jimmy Wales In Wikipedia Marketing Fiasco (Part 2)

World Voices: It's OK To Swear At The Police Says A UK Judge. What's On Your Mind?

Rick Perry Determined To Continue Despite Setback

Russian News Reader Flips The Bird After Saying Barack Obama

World Voices: The US Government Denies Man Has Made Contact With UFO-Aliens. Have Your Say

Unhate Campaign: Even Fictitious Picture of Israel and Palestine Leaders Can't Get Them To Kiss

Whose Knees Are These? (Answers)


Timid World Voices: What's The Most Gangsta Thing You Did Eva?

The Censored Answers To Our Banned Rick Perry Corn Dog Caption Competition

Eurotoons: Europe Explodes In Slow Motion

Picture: Occupy The White House Movement Spreads Nationwide

Picture: Real Life Ron Burgundy

Picture: Sarah Palin Finally Makes Her Position Clear

Picture: World Leaders Meet

Special Feature (not satire): Best Tributes Paid To Steve Jobs


Picture: Blurry Shirtless Rihanna Sings With New Group

Dick Cheney: The Jokes From 'In My Time'

Errors And Omissions From The Last Edition

Picture: New Zealand Badminton Team

Picture: Old John Travolta Breaks His Silence

Picture: Financial Crisis - Cute Animal Dead

Picture: Days After Rihanna Controversy, Crisis Spreads

Survey: Top Ten Things Record Store Staff Do While They Wait For Customers These Days

World Voices: What Have You Learned From Jackie Kennedy This Week?

Media Voices: How Did You Think Charlie Harper Would Be Killed Off In Two And A Half Men?


Michele Bachmann Newsweek Cover Turns Thousands Into Unthinking Zombies, 'Don't Look Into Her Eyes' Says Expert

Meanwhile, On the Front Line In Libya

World Voices: What's Up With French Acting Legend Gerard Depardieu?

Our Stock Tips For Trading On Monday


Answers To Yesterday's Phone Hacking Quiz

Moody's Reduce Rating On Greek Debt From 'Caa1' To 'Doh'

World Voices: US Deficit Talks: A Game Of 'Macho Chicken'?

Fears Of What First US 'Murdochgate' Scandal Will Be Grows

Recently Discovered 'Never Seen Before' Photographs Of The Beatles A Lot Like Ones Seen Before, Says Expert

World Soaps Update

The End Of Capitalism, In Picture Bubbles


World Voices: Australia's UFO Files Have Disappeared. Have Your Say

Today's Opinion: Say Something Intelligent About Greece's Financial Problems

Today's Opinion: 8 Million Gallons Of Water Had To Be Drained From An Oregon Reservoir After Man Pee'd In It

World Voices: We Ask Our Panel Of PR Consultants To Find A Better Name For Mitt Romney

World Voices: Is This Mentos In Coke Bottle Video Proof That God Exists?

World Voices: What Should Sarah Palin Do In England If Margaret Thatcher Won't See Her?

Social Voices: An Antique Photograph Of Billy The Kid Sells For $2.3mn Have Your Say

World Voices: Tom Cruise, 5ft 7in, Is To Play Jack Reacher Who's Supposed To Be 6ft 5in. Huh?


A Man In Washington State Claims To Have Had Relations With 1000 Cars. Be The Voice Of Reason

Donald Trump To Shut Mouth

Exploding Melons From China. Good Or Bad Thing?

Are You A Planker? Be The Voice Of Reason

Rapture? 21st May? Huh? Tell Us About It

Video Of Osama Bin Laden Teasing Dog Surfaces


Answers To Last Week's Questions

Dancing With The Stars Contestant Breaks Partner's Legs On Live Show, Self's Bottom Bruised

A 76 Year Old Hollywood Star Talks Openly About Her Love Life. What Happens Next?

Men 'Worried About Internet Porn Use.' Poke Us Your Views

Review Of The Reviews: Arthur 2011


Answers To Last Week's Quiz

Moody's Downgrade Charlie Sheen

Music So Far Created on iPad's GarageBand 'Worse Than Feared', Apple Concedes

Say Something Nice About Disney's Turkey 'Mars Needs Moms'...

One To Five by Judith McNally

Men Should Never Wear Shorts In The City Says Fashion Guru Tom Ford. Discuss

I Know I'm Winning Like Charlie Sheen When...


What The Heck Do You Know About Bahrain? Tell Us

Charlie Sheen Offered Role In Adult Movie Remake Of Wall Street

"Man killed by armed bird at California cockfight, was stabbed by rooster with attached knife," Have Your Say

Mubarak Dyes Hair More 'Patriotic' Black In New Clinging On To Power Initiative, Reports

Tiger Woods Gets A Fine For Spitting On Dubai Golf Course, This Commentator Decides To Take A Stand

What's So Dangerous About Piers Morgan? Throw Us Your Views

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me That US Ally Hosni Mubarak Was Such A Bad Guy For The Last 30 Years? Have Your Say


White House Admits Policy Of 'Finger Wagging' At Egypt Has Failed

"I Am Proud That I Love Musical Theatre, So." Have Your Say

The Five Top Piss Artists To Watch For In 2011

Do Power Balance Bracelets Work? Have Your Say

Answers To Yesterday's This Is What You Are Thinking Quiz

Family Of Man Who Died Laughing At Ricky Gervais Globes Monologue Ask For Ashes To Be Scattered At Playboy Mansion

Secret Service Protocols On Losing President Hu During Visit Appear on Wikileaks