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Last Minute Gift Ideas: 101 Things To Do With A Dead Madoff

You Have One Free "Bah! Humbug!" To Use. How Will You Use Yours? Have Your Moan

In Catalonia They Celebrate The Holiday Season In A Special Way. Have Your Say Holiday Picture Special

"Carrot And Stick" Idiom In Crisis As Scientists Invent Stick Made Entirely Out Of Carrots

Wikileaks Owner Assange Suffers String Of 'Bad Luck', Nicks Self Shaving, Stubs Toe On Bed Post etc

What Would You Like To Hear Lolita The Parrot Sing Next? Have Your Say

Wikileaks: Santa Claus Is a 'Conspiracy Perpetrated by Parents On Their Children, Aided By Multinationals'

Is Your Wiki-Site Idea The Next Media Frenzy? Have Your Say

Funny Horoscopes For December 2010

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What Is Your Favorite 'Deathly Hallows' The New Harry Potter Movie Spoiler?

Large Hadron Collider Scientists Upgrade Latest Bang to 'Little Big Bang'

Breaking News: Is It Michael Jackson? Have Your Say

Is Obama Facing Two Years Of Gridlock? Have Your Say

What Is Your How To Get Rich Idea? Have Your Say

What Is Your Experience Of The New US Airport Security Pat Downs? Have Your Say

Funny Horoscopes For November 2010

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The Banksy Opening To The Simpsons? Have Your Say

They Say Sesame Street's Bert Hinted He Was Gay This Week? Have Your Say

What Are You Dressing As At This Year's Halloween Party?

Has Anyone Ever Died Of Hard Work? Have Your Say

Kanye West Has Replaced His Lower Front Teeth With Diamonds. Have Your Say

What Does This Video Of The Presidential Seal Falling Off A Podium As Obama Speaks Mean? Have Your Say

How Do You Pronounce The Country Chile? Have Your Say

Sony Stops Making Cassette Walkmans, Have Your Say

Funny Horoscopes October 2010

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Corrections, Bloopers, Outakes And Erratum From Last Month's VOR

The Tea Party? Lady Gaga's Meat Dress? Have Your Say

Is The Term 'Fake And Gay' Homophobic? Have Your Say

Obama Drama: Ding Dong. Have Your Say

Quorn Burning Pastor To Go Ahead Despite Pleas

What Trick Do You Want Roger Federer To Do Next? Have Your Say

Was Sarah Palin Booed On Dancing With The Stars? Have Your Say

Funny Horoscopes for September 2010

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Answers To This Week's Caption Competition

New Chocolate Cheesecake Diet Delivers 'Miraculous' Results

Does Rupert Murdoch Own The Word Sky In Skype? Have Your Say

Should The Ground Zero Mosque Be Allowed To Have Deadly Killer Laser Weapons On The Roof? Have Your Say

Using The Method Of Animated Gif, What Advice Would You Give Sarah Ferguson With Her $7mn Debts?

Astrologers Discover New Star Sign, Could Be 'Start Of Trend'

Why Do You Still Eat Salt And Vinegar Potato Chips? Have Your Say

Urine, A Renewable Energy Source? Have Your Say

Woman Throws Cat In Bin. Have Your Say

Funny Horoscopes for August 2010

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Is A Double Dip Now Inevitable? Have Your Say

Mel Gibson: "All Octopuses Are Whores"

Phones Smaller Than Size Of Pea May Be 'Too Small', Says Technology Expert

Poll: Who Should Mel Gibson Offend Next?

Website Publishes Picture Of Sarah Palin As A Monkey

Top Secret Politics: What Today's Young Politicians Will Look Like In 30 Years

What Kitteh Videos Do You Want To See That You Haven't Seen Yet?

First World Phone Fighting Championship Line Up Revealed

Funny Horoscopes July 2010

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Get Your Bilderberg 2010 Souvenirs Here

BP: "Large Tampon Is Now Future 12th Option To Contain Leak"

How Ruder Can We Make the Rudest World Cup Footballer Names in History?

Apple iPhone 4 - What Do You Think?

Now 24 Has Ended, What Didn't You See Jack Bauer Do That You Wish You Had?

World Cup Debate: Is There Anything More Annoying Than A Vuvuzela?

Is TV Movie Of Gulf Oil Spill Set To Star Mr Bean As Tony Hayward?

Not Including The Surra De Bunda (Youtube), What Is Your Favorite International Dance?

Readers Ideas: How To Stop The Gulf Oil Leak Part 1 - The Bouncy Castle

Vuvuzela Inc Releases Special 'Raspberry Tooting' Horn for Poor Performing Teams

Funny Horoscopes for June 2010

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The First 3D Playboy Centerfold Is Out Friday. What Do You Think?

Lost Ends: So, What Did You Think?

Plastic Surgery: Have Your Say

How Do You Pronounce Eyjafjallajökull?

How Will Lost End? Have Your Say

Can You Think Of Anything More Inappropriate Than This Video Of 9 Years Olds Dancing To Single Ladies?

Is Three Hours Of Regular Overtime Bad For Your Heart? What Do You Think?

Tiger Woods And Elin Nordegren 'To File For Divorce In Sweden.' Some Useful Phrases

What Is The Most Jesus Like Thing You Have Ever Done?

Which Pro Wrestler Would You Not Want To Match Up With, And Why?

Funny Horoscopes for May 2010

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Is It OK For The Bankers To Finally Put An End To James Bond?

Iceland Is Really Starting To Piss Me Off. Discuss

Sarah Palin Pokes Eye With Bendy Straw

What Is The Worst Slip Of The Tongue You Ever Made?

Funny Horoscopes for April 2010

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George W Bush Wipes Hand On Clinton? What Do You Think?

'Church Of Scientology' To Change Name To 'Church Of Scientology'

'Green Guinness' Consumption To Peak At 11:30 Tonight As Ireland Attempts Largest Ever Exorcist Reenactment

High School Prom Cancelled After Student Asks To Bring Her Effeminate Boyfriend

After Your Dog Licks His Unmentionables, How Long Do You Leave It Before Allowing It To Lick Your Face?

Joe Biden Whispers The F Word In Obama's Ear, What Should Have Happened Next?

Advice For The Rapidly Graying Barack Obama

Some Of The Minor Oscars You May Have Missed Sunday

Is It Time For More Celebrities To Say They Are Gay?

Obama To Be Told To Give Back 'Nobel Given Up Smoking Prize'

Sony Plan To Start Selling 3D TVs In June: What's The First Thing You Will Watch?

Funny Horoscopes for March 2010

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After Southwest Airlines Eject Kevin Smith From A Flight As Too Fat To Fly, What Is The Funniest Mistake You Ever Made At Work?

Here Are The Answers To Last Week's Quiz

What Is The Coolest Thing You Have Ever Seen Happen Behind A Reporter On TV?

Exclusive Investigation: Ebay Tells Every Highest Bidder 'Hope You Win!' Shocker

Can You Come Up With An Ad Campaign For A Golden Gaytime (Australian Ice Cream)?

Hitler Once Had Erection For 15 Days, New Book Claims

Should Mel Gibson Be Allowed To Call A Reporter An Asshole?

$54,000 Louis Vuitton 'New Age Traveler Backpack' Stolen. Have You Seen It?

Rihanna's Dress At The Grammy's? Discuss

Tiger Woods Celebrates 90th Sex Free Day

Exclusive Tiger Woods 'Sorry' Press Conference Office Sweepstakes Kit

'Toyota' Most Used Expletive In February, Beats F Word 3 to 1

So How Do You Drive A Prius With Brake Problems Back To The Garage To Get It Fixed?

A Selection Of Valentine's Day Cards You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Get Your Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics T-Shirts Here

Funny Horoscopes for February 2010

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My First Touch Of The Apple iPad Was Siimply iIncrediible, Liive iBlog

Scientists Reveal BOOBS (80085) Found 5.4 Billion Times In Longest Ever Pi Calculation

Have Brangelina Split Up? What Do You Think?

How Much Would You Pay For A Copy Of The Tiger Woods Sex Tape?

How Did You Embarrass Yourself At The Office Party? Our Panel Of Experts Reveal All

Some 59 Year Old Woman Turns Up At Awards Show In A See Through Top. Discuss

Celebrating The Newest English Verb: Conaned

If The Tonight Show Started Tomorrow Would That Really Make A Difference? What Do You Think?

Was Ricky Gervais Really That Good On The Golden Globes?

What Did You Have To Do To Get Your Bankers Bonus?


Funny Horoscopes for January 2010

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