Satire Archive 2004
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21st December - Winter Begins in England
Arguing has never been easier
The stories most clicked on for 2004
300 year Swiss tradition
Welcome to The Groany Awards 2004
Here are your first five sheeps
Real/ fake debate sweeps radio talk shows
Christmas TV highlights from around the world
How How How?
November 2, 2004 - US Presidential Elections
It's all over bar the shooting
Techno battery latest
It's all over for another four years
Please type in your account details
What the stars reveal
Review: Flaming feathery faux pas?
Mystery bidder remains unknown
A multicolored city celebrates
We promise to return our pictures once legal action has been completed
Martha answers your questions
Election 2004
Election 2004
Water based lubritroversy
A World President Wrestling presentation
He's got a mouth and he's gonna use it
Exclusive Poll
No more wild eyed surprises next time
Class action win in description battle
Battle of the Bunny Rabbit Suits
Naked election special - John Kerry tomorrow
EEEkk, eeeEEeee eEeekKk honk!
...but pain enthusiasts applaud new sport
Home Abong
Next week: Are Al Qaeda butterflies causing the Florida Hurricanes using the method of chaos theory?
Whatever did we do without them?
Bush's musicals past to come back to haunt him
Fox is first Network to call Bush winner (again)
Competition open to all Essays over 400 pages long
Are French Fries to be renamed Frances Fries?
Who will die in their first cyber match up?
Senior organisers tell of long held fears that Olympic 'crowns' could be mistaken for nests
Vice President Dick's real name is Richard
We hope you never get to see Dick Cheney like this
Reporters enjoy lull before media storm
"Zzzzzziiiijjjjjjj ying-wwwwwwwweeeee!"
Ice cream sales are down by 25%
John Kerry finally gets his own spin-off
The VagiMon©™ will revolutionise Internet Porn
"I'm going on holiday to France", says US voter
Sharapova Nude? What do our readers say?
It's still all right Mamma
Macy's spoof
First phase of race ends in crack humiliation
No holds barred debating championship
Sharapova Nude? What do our readers say?
How naughty can you be with strict filtering on?
We calculated his naughtiness
US President in apparent double gay glee
"Backwards Satanic messages to be heard once more, and for the first time in digital quality"
NSFW/NSFH - Do not try this anywhere!
There's still no I in team
(They're German planes...)...
Thought: Will you give 100% at work today?
"A man works down the chip shop swears he's Ronnie"
"Delegates don't want to be weighed down by useless advertising" says organiser
 Our solemn tribute for the 60th Anniversary of D Day
"Not all hacking is bad", claims sect
"The US will not be insensitive to Iraqi needs any longer"
Push down and twist again like we did last summer
Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse
Users welcome 1998 levels of productivity
Repeat of 2000 Elections assumed
News cycle confused our earlier story
Tell us your views and don't win a prize
There is still time to nominate your favourite
Star eats fruit in latest video
Seal Cull 2004 - The Cod Strikes Back
Will it be a Flintstone Olympics?
Latest web site launches to screams
Each day a new squirrel!
Latest Survey Details
Want to lose weight? Just scream!
AWOL President
14th February 2004 wishes to lovers and others
JFK 2 vs GB 2
Source: "This is not an overreaction"
Organiser admits to Public / Private area confusion
Launch of our Dirty Election 2004 Coverage
Offers no other newspaper dare offer
"Did you just say you had a bomb in your bag?"
Get cheap movies without having to bend down
The real Sound of Silence
One's blind, the other's deaf, and together they're getting away with murder