Satire Archive 2003
TV spooftigation
A snob goes to pornville
He may have four wheels now, but he's still only gonna use one of them
Public urinal etiquette: Three shakes good, eight shakes bad?
"When you need to show your support, only buying tacky trinkets will do"
Celebrating 40 years of publishing heaven
Pub lunch 'Exorcist' threat
Is it a McDisgrace, or just a bit of fun?
Let your stars guide you
Halloween is the season to be scary
Ad promises users can decorate 'their face with lip cushions!'
It's New, It's Retaliatory Reality French TV!
Company says: "We want to take the world's whiskers by surprise"
Britney Nude? You decide - Yes or No?
Unidentified Flying Steaks over London
Unofficial ice cream to launch anyway
New Tits set to join Tit family
Networks fight to cash in on latest original format
We have the sign, you decide
How the delayed release of movie 'Collateral Damage' led us to discover a larger cover-up
"It's not empty bottles, it's bottles filled with air"
The University of the Bigger Penis tells you how
"It seemed like a great way to make $2mn"
"He's had a good run but now its time to move on"
Let us be your spam butler. What do you want to get today?
They're dropping like flies at Hogwarts
World exclusive picture
Can the ancient art of butt study help in Iraq?
UN arms inspectors found salt and pepper at some sites
Not only does it save money, you can also live longer
Fed up with getting emails to enhance your penis?
New extreme sport is ready to hit the airwaves this Summer
We were wrong. You are the greatest president in history
I am so angry I could spit, says 89 year old
The Iraq headache starts here
It's all over. Comical Ali is not here
Your pizza will be there before you put down the phone
Worst sand storm in history doesn't have an icon, shock
France to get 'Most Annoying Nation' status
Did the White House hesitate before denying this rumor?
Are photogenic animals the only way to save human shield?
Editor had finger on button and wasn't afraid to use it
Is stupidity masking Bush's great intellect?
Vice President, Dick, says he has no regrets
Prince of Darkness to replace Emperor of Evil, says copywriter
Tenor to sing classics from America's finest news source
Dictator is making nick-knock sound, says intelligence service