Satire Archive 2002
Season's greetings, without the trimmings
"Sister's Miss World day serves as a reminder how far we have come"
Another group of unfortunates to help this Christmastide
Got an impossible terrorist situation for us to solve?
99.99999% Yes vote after all, but still better than 99.97% last time
It's got to be on screen, you've got to be talking to camera
Star hides haird under bald wig, says journalist
Zeer-ox name is the problem, says management accountants
Local community shrugs collective shoulders, waits for video
"Bless my soul, what's a wrong with me?"
Elvis 25yrs, Marilyn Monroe 40yrs, Princess Diana 5yrs, August 2002
"Friday will see my Elvis cheese go on the market"
"When she eventually turns up her advice is good"
It's not just about bull and bear markets
"We will refer to Big Macs and chicken nuggets without smirking"
Is life just a musical with a bad score?
I just can't see the conjunction anymore, says distraught mystic
Technicians to reduce force of fountain to stop injury
"We thought they were getting slower, then they stopped"
Who they are, where to find them, what do they do?